SMACKDOWN RANTS for April 2003




SMACKDOWN (04/03/03)

The Show opens up with the Wrestle Mania highlights, complete with edited footage of the Wrestle Mania WWE Title match between Angle and Brock, watching this doctored footage would make the fans who neglected to purchase the PPV believe the SSP spot was the matches finish. Oh well they can heat on SD too, so its par for the course (what? you didn't think Mark Henry was that over did you?) Big Steph comes out (note to Mr. & Mrs. Stephanie mcMahon throw out your Hair Dryer, its no good anymore) she says that both Angle and Brock aren't here tonight because they are still suffering the effects of their match at Wrestle Mania. she then announces that john cena will win a tournament to become number 1. contender (come on , you know C-Note is going over!), Undertaker faces Rey mysterio in the first match of said tournament and channels the spirit of Kevin Nash, and squashes him in short order, (why couldn't they have put Mysterio & Eddie together or Benoit & Rey, Rey, oh well) anyway Taker won when he countered West coast pop and muscled him into the last ride. taker then helped Rey up and rubbed his head in that rumbunctious kid sort of way. in a non-verbal, "You little Dickens!" TRhey show an FBI promo riddle with racial overtones, why must the WWE always play upon Racial sterotypes? Can't an ethnic wrestler not be a charciture of some movie or TV character (in this case a poorly acted "Soprano's" ripoff) Can't a trio of Italian buddies not turn to a life of urban crime? Stugots! Brian Kendrick then faces Jamie Noble, Matt Hardy and Shannon are situated at ringside which is kayfabe code for " Unfair heel beatdown!" solid match sees the former Spanky get the nod with Sliced Bread #2, he was going to brak out Peanut butter # 3 but opted against it at the last second. Matt then shockingly beats down kendrick and challenges Brock next week. I for one am totally digging the Version 1 character, he's improved leaps and bounds in the promo department.

Chris Benoit then pulls a respectable match out of A-Train, who atleast has some interesting moves, at one point he excecuted a hold that I can only describe as a wheel barrow Camel Clutch, then violently slammed The Wolverine down, the spot came across very well on Tv. Benoit tenaciously fought for and got the Crossface for the tapout and the advancement in the Tourney., He'll now meet either Big Show or Rhyno; (I hate when the do Tournament matches out of sequence though)

John Cena minus his prematch Rap faces Eddie Guerrero, (I am just just not buying Eddie's new entrance theme, Latino Heat was so much more entertaining, and as for his racially insensitive character see FBI above) decent match sees Cena who really is starting to exhibit that "it" factor catches Eddie in corner and delivers the F-U (Death Valley Driver) for the win, (finally some chain wrestling!, I prefer the spots that flow, not just a guy going for his finish out of no where, its so much more entertaining to watch a guy transition into a finisher.) In any event Cena advances and will meet the Undertaker.

Speaking of Undertaker he has a "sit down" with the F.B.I., and they discuss Nathan Jones; the acting is so bad in this segment that you can litterally here madonna's Razzie award being pried from her hands. Undertaker basically says that he's pissed with the F.B.I. and will eventually relegate them to permanent lower card status (O.K., he didn't say that. but you know its a comin! , Nathan Jones makes a non-Shockmaster like appearance and does.... nothing?!....Is this guy the world's most expensive piece of luggage or what? a non-wrestling wrestler, this is what Vince weas talking about on OTR in 97!

They announce that when Roddy Piper returns next week after he explodes from the Fat guy who ate him at Wrestle Mania.

Haas & Benjiman face Tajiri & Funaki; its good to see team Angle get some time to develop on their own. decent enough match. with Tajiri (didnt WWE like this guy once?) getting some stiff kicks in, before Haas eventually gets Funaki to tap to "Haas of Pain" all this without smearing his eye make up (there were rumours that the stylingly groomed charlie donned a little liner in his first days to excentuate his "Bedroom" eyes.) ...look at a tape if you don't believe me!

Torrie Wilson comes out and shamelessly plugs her new Playboy lay out, she then does the standard Diva tease nudity, only to never deliver spot, (to the misfortune of Teenage boys everywhere) when Rena "I tried to sue WWE for 100 Million dollars" (insert Dr. Evil Liner here) Mero, known affectionately to the few people in the crowd that remember her as Sable comes out, and does her 1999 shlock, before kissing Torrie on the lips (didn't she leave the WWE in the first place because she didn't want to do this storyline? wrong Tori , I guess. and could Torrie Wilson please get a "hetrosexual" storyline please.) i guess we have some more "never gonna result in any kind of match blowoff, feud" again. oh well , i was just surprised to see Rena back. Apparently the WWE welcomed her back with open arms and made her feel at home again by shitting in her Gym bag.

Rhyno Vs. Big Show; This was a mismatch from the beginning, Rhyno will be the first onr to admit that his strengths are being the physically dominant one himself, so this was doomed from the word go, Rhyno gets a gore on the painful Show (who needs a good 6 months to heal up and get his shit together) then A-Train comes in for the anticlimatic Disqualification. Atleast Rhyno can move on to Benoit next week.

And in the Finale of the show Vince comes out and wants to bury the hatchet with The Hulkster, Hulk eventually comes out and the crowd doesn't buy the Vince "sincerity" angle for a second (quick someone pull the plug on Tough Enough!-note Sarcasm) Hogan shakes Vinces hand says "thankyou" the two then make out passionately, Ok, that didn't happen....but Vince then "Shockingly" turns on Hogan and states, "I never lose" and that "I said I was going to kill Hulkamania!" He then made his obligatory disease reference. saying Hulkamania has Lepracy! (why is it that Vince always makes reference to incurable diseases comparing them to Wrestling Angles, i.e. The WWF has Cancer!-last years nWo angle;) Vince states that Hulkamania will die because he is going to send Hogan home with pay- The Monster!....Kevin Nash hears this from Vince and suddenly gets some discomfort in his thigh and hops on a plane to Detroit. Vince says meet me in the parking lot, where I bet he's got Police waiting! and theres Tacoma finest there to not disappoint. Jimmy Hart and Nasty Nick plead with Hogan to get in the car, which he begrudgingly does, Vince then throws Hogans gear and the body of Ed Leslie into the trunk and opens a can of whoopass on the car before it pulls away.(See Goldberg, thats how you do it!) to close the show;

Anyway, I felt this show was very mediocre with really not one standout match, so I give it a thumbs down. The Angles this week have been horrid,... Lets see, Ratings are down, so lets "Fire"our top Babyfaces!, that'll tune in viewers!

Highlight: Eddie Vs. Cena and Kendrick Vs. Noble;

Lowlight: The Sable angle and Taker's Gangland sitdown.


SmackDown Report (04/10/03)

The show opens with a grinning Brock Lesnar entering the Arena. "Fans" (not planted independent Wrestlers) greet the WWE Champion upon his entrance, Brock attempts to sign the female fan's chest, however he miscalcultes the distance between his pen and her breasts and severly injures someone.

Brock and Matt Hardy are up first in a Champion Vs. Champion match, this is apparently a Non-title match. My question is: Tazz made mention on last weeks broadcast that Hardy was challenging Brock at his weakest point, insinuating that this could be an opening for Matt to become Champion, so how does Matt benefit from a Non-title match?, "I'm calling you out Brock, so I can defeat you in a match that means absolutely nothing!"-note sarcasm. I really enjoyed this match, the WWE's piped in ooohs and ahhhs really add something, hopefully fans watching will be programmed to really do this the next time they go to a house show. Heel miscommunication leads to a Brock countered Twist of fate attempt transitioned into an F-5 for the win, Both Hardy and Lesnar's superb selling made this match.

WWE shows clips of the Hogan-McMahon segment from last week that saw the "Hulkster" get sent home without pay, but the kicker is that they said Vince got the last laugh on Hogan by keeping him at home! , Yeah if my Boss said you can never come into work again but you'll continue to get paid, I guess I'd just have to sleep in and spend the money with a keen sense of sadness, knowing I had just been beaten by the better man. But alas don't fret Hulkamaniacs, for your hero shall rear his head again, because he doesn't do this for the "money", and look forward to seeing the next great Tagteam when Hogan and Nasty Nick form the Super-Duper Mega Maniac Powers- ....Bruther.;

Sable comes to ringside and earns her paycheck by neither cutting a promo or interfering in the match featuring Jamie Noble & Nidia against Brian Kendrick & the woman Sable apparently wants to recarpet her face with: Torrie Wilson;. Solid moments when Kendrick and Noble are in, but atleast Nidia sells well. This one ends after a Tornado DDT by Wilson onto Nidia. (I find it ironic that Torrie seems to sell this lesbian advance by Sable as more creepy than her Step Mother turned murderer of Father , Dawn Marie,.... "Hey who does a girl have to fuck then kill to get some TV time over here?!")

Three really intense guys who should never talk discuss their plans for the Backlash PPV;

Chris Benoit faces Rhyno next when "Team-Short Arms Explode!" (my own PPV promo plug) The lockup sees both mens chests touch (ok thats lame), anyway this was a great old school technical match, it told a great story and for all accounts it was safe. WWE should take note the next time some young guy goes out and does some spot that almost kills him to little reaction from the increasingly apathetic crowds. This story teased the german (not like telling your neighbour Mrs Schmitt that she has a square head) but the suplex variety, and they didn't even need to use it, the struggle was the issue. Benoit wins with a perfect backslide. Definate 4 star affair here.

Sable and Torrie get yet more TV time next, as Marc Mero is overheard chatting with Kidman about their past laurels, before packing there Testicles into their duffle bags and leaving the arena.

The Piper's Pit sequence is next, and Vince first cuts a promo where he berates Hogan, who was not watching the show from home as he was taking a dip in his pool full of money. Vince then drops the liner of giving Hogan a "lethal dose of lepracy" ...My question is where do you get the dosage, and how would you put in a ciringe? Vince then claims he has a poison Monkey backstage and it bit jimmy Hart, who unfortunately is now riddled with Ebola. Anyway a wisely camalflauged Piper in a heavy leather jacket comes out and apparently Vince is his guest. WWE redeemed itself in my eyes when Vince made fun of Piper's bloat. They played the old I hate you, you hate me thing, and after the segment was done, I realized how much Vince should just have his own interview spot as he blew Piper out of the water with his timing.As Vince exits stage right Rikishi comes out with a cocanut to confront Roddy for his sins of the past, I'm under the impression that Rikishi was simply bringing Piper a Low fat, high protein snack as a symbolic "see, I care" in reference to Pipers balooning weight. Then in one moment it was all ruined as probably the most compelling character (Sean O'haire) mysteriously attacks Junior as he and Piper double team the fallen Samoan. This is not good booking people, Why saddle O'Haire with a relic like Piper? This is on par with the failed Kurt Angle/Bob Backlund alliance in early 2000.;

Rey Mysterio joins Tajiri to face Team Angle, Their hearts were in the right place but there was alot of miscommunication and a few blown spots, that probably can be attributed to the lack of experience of Haas and Benjiman. Anyway Mysterio kicks Charlie right in the "Maybeline" with a 619, then finishes him with the springboard legdrop to win this non-title match. See ya four at the PPV! (ok, so im jaded but its pretty predictable booking.);

Undertaker cuts a promo on John Cena where he speaks of respect: "I expect to be punched in the mouth and kicked in the ribs,..... But if you really do it, then I'm gonna complain backstage, and squeal to Mcmahon!") Taker throws out some more cliches, and says that he has more "showertime" than Cena has ring time. I'm just glad to see that "Big Evil" is such a proponent of good hygeine.

It was then time for Bill Demott to put over another "big green bald guy who wears shooting gloves next in their first match". Total piece of shit here, but atleast they kept it short, and I feel sorry for Hugh having to sell arguably the worst big boot in history. Nathan Jones then puts his silver helmet back on and crashes through the smackdown set as Ole Anderson yells over the intercom. - (Inside joke, hope you got it)

F.B.I. vignette airs, where they are file a stolen article report to the "Police". Well it must have been casual Thursdays at the precinct, cause the one guy looked like he just rolled off the links. Bottom line here is a thinly veiled scheme to get Nathan Jones out of the way so they can help Undertaker from cleanly putting over John Cena.; later.

The "cops" question Nat, about the accusation and Taker takes offense to them picking on the former jail bird, Yes A guy who served time for ROBBERY should be the last one questioned in a theft investigation.

The Undertaker faces John Cena in the Main Event with the winner facing Benoit next week for the right to meet Lesnar for the Title at Backlash. Cena had an awesome rap here and continues to be the true breakout star in WWE right now, I'm going on record here, but I think Cena may actually shock the world at the Pay-per-view (it worked with Rock in 98) Standard screwjob story here. Ref bump,... Taker has the match won etc., then F.B.I. on cue complete with good humour man attire take turns annhilating the Dead man with chairshots, allowing Cena to get the obligatory heel one arm draped pin that symbolizes, 'I won but I didnt really beat him". F.B.I. then go back to their truck and hand out "Nutty-buddies" to the hungry Chi'Town crowd.


Highlight: Rhyno Vs. Benoit; This was the prototype on how to sell a great match without having to kill yourselves with stunts and gimmicks.;in a word it was WRESTLING;

Lowlight: Bill DeMott Vs. Nathan Jones. Old Hugh tried but I guess you can't polish a turd. Note to WWE: Get Jones a new finsher, because gettin all "1985" with the Big Boot off the ropes won't put asses in the seats.;


Smackdown Report (04/17/03)

The show opens with cool video montage chronicalling the WWE title contender Tournament; Say what you want about the WWE's writing but no one puts together slicker video packages.

Rey Mysterio & Tajiri face Big Show & A-Train, I guess Rey & Tajiri's tag push has officially gone the way of the dodo, because pairing them with a heatless Show/Albert tandem is counterproductive to both teams. All credibility that Show & Train had died an agonizing death at the hands of The Undertaker at Wrestle Mania. Train actually held his own in this match proving to have some "potential" buried under that ape like exterior somewhere. However this one had the wrestling version of a euthanasia needle stuck into it upon the "hot tag" to Big Show as he clumsily tried to make us suspend belief that Mysterio & Tajiri had a prayer. A-train ends up hitting a bicycle kick on Tajiri for the duke. After the match Mysterio hits a modified 619 to Show knocking him on the "Big Ass", unfortunately this stunt will ultimately lead to a match between Mysterio & Show where Show will be playing the role of Kevin Nash in 1999 and destroy the exciting cruiserweight. Vince's hard-on for Big men will once again rear its ugly head (no pun intended).

Brock comes out and does an awkward promo about Wrestle Mania & Kurt Angle as the "canned" Fans are on there feet! (I liked this guy so much better when he was a brooding monster, Note to WWE, some guys; Namely Goldberg & Lesnar need not be "humanized" as their animalistic agression is what got them over, not participating in unfunny vignettes or smiling like assholes.) The Promo is interupted by John Cena, and Benoit follows suit. The word "respect" is used in every condintation possible as Benoit & Lesnar verbally jerk eachother off before Cena cheapshots Benoit setting up for their Main Event match later.

1986 called and they want their gimmick back. Mr. America is coming!, Why is that everytime WWE is void creatively a new All American angle is formed?, WE GET IT. You love your country. I have no idea who Mr. America is but The Patriot didnt exactly set the world on fire in 1997, and as far as I know Del Wilkes sold his soul to Tom Brandi so your guess is as good as mine....So long as Sgt. Slaughter is in no way involved, I'll be sound as a pound.

Eddie Guerrero faces Jamie Noble, Team Angle comes out and cuts a promo?!. Apparently Charlie and Shelton have had a personality injection. Hopefully they didnt use that same needle that Vince injected the WWF with poison with last year. Racist comments, homsexual references, 2 Latinos, one black, one white guy who wears womens cosmetics and two Rednecks, Jerry Springer anyone!?...standard match here with Eddie finishing Noble with a Frog splash, decent match.

The redhot FBI/Taker/Jones feud (Note sarcasm) is recapped. with the whole "stolen wallet" scenario being replayed, Hey if you want to keep a wallet safe from theft, might I suggest hiding it in Sable's luggage?. Jones goes "prison style" minus the assfucking on Nunzio and beats down Stamboli & Palumbo (who in one year has gone from Gay weddings to goodfellas) get beat down as well.

More of the tantalizing Sable/Torrie Wilson stuff airs. Sable is one Tit-shot to a child filled audience away from becoming a complete hypocrite.

Piper's Pit airs. Piper introduces Shawn O'Haire as his new protege' and then "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka makes his triumphant return, 20 years later (apparently forgetting his teaming with Piper in the 89 Survivor Series). Snuka mumbles something and attacks Roddy. Piper's selling is even below abortion standards as his Kilt flies up giving the crowd a look at his pasty white "Grandma" legs before O'Haire subsequently destroys Snuka, which brings out Rikishi who makes the save and proving he can mumble too, says something incoherantly to Piper about getting a piece of the kish. If Piper can give a superstar rub to O'Haire, I'll be happy, but if Mr. T somehow becomes enbroiled in this fiasco I'm packing it in.

Torrie Wilson faces Nidia in the almost masterbation worthy portion of the evening, Sable acts the zebra for this one and helps Torrie win by dropkicking Noble (wasn't this guy like the longest reigning cruiserweight champ?) off the apron allowing Torrie to hit a Tornado DDT on Nidia for the pin.

Matt Hardy faces Brian Kendrick for the 100 kilos & under title; Great little match here as Kendrick flows into all his transition moves, unfortunately your not allowed to be over if you weight less than 260 Lbs. so expect Spanky to be eating "Baldo Bombs" on Velocity by summer. Matt recovers from a bunch of near falls to finally finish Kendrick with a Twist of Fate.

Nunzio has the unfortunate "honour" of selling for Nathan Jones' ridiculously telegraphed spinkicks. If I was the former Little Guido, I would have donned one of those rubber Sumo suits they used to have fans "wrestle" in in 1994, upon hearing about this match. The match ends up Schmazzing out when Stamboli & "Chuck" interfere and do the old steel stairs to the ankle fake injury spot. Oh No! Does that mean Nathan won't be able to Wrestle?, The WWE is actually running out of ideas to keep their Aussie investment out of the ring. Thus far Nathan Jones' character development is proceeding so backwards that the Giant Australian has apparently gone back in time.

Chris Benoit faces John Cena, winner goes onto Backlash to face Brock Lesnar for the Title. it starts slowly but builds into an excellent match, demonstrating that Cena can wrestle when put in with a master like Benoit. lots of near falls but in the end Benoit attempts a Crossface but Cena counters into a fire-mans carry setting up a DVD however Benoit muscles his way out and jockey's into a sunset flip but John catches the legs of Benoit and sits down on the shoulders and cradles the legs for the clean (WOW!) pinfall. Benoit just made this kid. Thats how you put someone over "Mean" Mark.! Benoit did the right thing and all without damaging his own credibility.

The solid wrestling in this show saved it for me. Even Nunzio made Nathan's improbable offense seem acceptable, and coupled with a completely clean finish in the Main Event gives this weeks Smackdown a thumbs up.

Highlight: Benoit Vs. Cena; The match built to an exciting conclusion and the clean win made Cena look like a legitimate contender not a forcefed manufactured challenger. Benoit's unselfishness in allowing this finish should be commended.

Lowlight: The Sable/Torrie fiasco, Where is this leading? So what if they have a match, what after that? Unless Sable and Torrie physically have intercourse in the ring at Backlash this one will continue to do nothing for me.


Smackdown Report (04/24/03)

The show opens up with John Cena who proceeds to recap his ascension to Number 1 contender, Rhyno comes out and we get a match out of the gate; Solid match sees Cena win after awkwardly rolling through a reverse rollup attempt by Rhyno and getting the clean pin, giving C-Note the momentum going into his match with Lesnar. The WWE seems confident in putting Lesnar & Cena together this Sunday and it will be interesting to see what happens in that match. In a related note: scuttlebutt is that the long suffering calamity that is Big Show may be once again feuding Lesnar after the PPV. If this rumour is true, its time for Vince to take a Vacation, because there is no value in a Show/Lesnar rematch, we've seen everything these two can offer in a match. Vince: 1985 called and said look at a fucking calendar.

In the bad acting portion of the show Chris Benoit is confronted by Sopranos lite aka the F.B.I., The Threesome apparently lost money on Benoit last week. The ironic part of the F.B.I. push is that once Undertaker gets back and gets his "revenge" they will likely be demoted to a full time Velocity role where they will be permanently handcuffed to the likes of Funaki for the duration of their WWE lifetime. Odds of survival are greater of injecting yourself with Ebola than to accept a feud with the "Dead Man"...right Kamala?

Chris Benoit Vs. Nunzio; The little backstage vignette leads to a match where Benoit ends up going over after he countered a Nunzio attempted Tornado armbreaker into a Crossface when he shifted his momentum. Just for the record: After resurrecting The ECW group name FBI why can't Nunzio be Guido again?, I guess WWE wanted a non-racially stereo-typed name for him- sarcasm note; Anyway a decent enough match, but I honestly expected a little more considering the mat wrestling strengths of both men. F.B.I. does a midcard heel beatdown after the match and lays out Benoit. Atleast the blackhole of workrate Nathan Jones was no where to be seen. But don't fret wrestling fans he'll be back missing kicks before you know it.

Tajiri & Funaki are watching the footage of Big Show getting 619'd by Mysterio. On cue Big Show comes in and wrecks the TV, but when you consider Show's workrate its kind of ironic.

Rey Mysterio Vs. Crash; Crash is the new MF'er and I have no idea why. They fire Raven & D-Lo but creative finds a role for Crash? You know what WWE needs?- More midcard groups!, But only if the members are comprised of wrestlers no one cares about; Mysterio and Crash have an ok match that sees Mysterio win with his springboard legdrop. Matt Hardy sat at ringside and said nothing, maybe he's sulking over his brother Jeff's untimely dismissal this past week. But don't worry about Jeff people, He'll be back on his knees in no time!

They show John Cena giving a pep talk to A-Train, and show footage of Lesnar's botched F-5 a couple of months ago, brutal stuff.

Roddy Piper Vs. Rikishi; Piper comes to the ring and actually takes his shirt off! I guess Vince has a no mirror policy in WWE Locker rooms. Piper looked bad, He and Rikishi looked like a before and way before picture. Rikishi ends up winning by abortion er disqualification after an attempted Stinkface as Shawn O'Haire interfered and brutalized Kish. Piper should be barred from wrestling, unless he can borrow that nifty shirt Jake Roberts wrestled in, in 1996. BTW Piper, find a tanning salon bro,but just don't go to the one Tazz goes to, cause I hear he's got heat with the management;

The Sable Invitational is up next in the evenings glorified T & A exhibition, Torrie apparently turned "gay" over the weekend as all of a sudden her repulsion to Sable's apparent Lesbian advances have given way to acceptance... That a girl!, and doesn't it just seem just like yesterday that Dawn Marie murdered your Father?, but bygones are bygones, I guess. Sable "swerves" the audience and gives the duke to Nidia & Dawn who beat down Torrie. Vince If you want to see lesbians going at eachother so badly, theres this great club in Atlanta, ask Bischoff about it.

Chavo Guerrero Vs. Shelton Benjamin; Their respective teams face off this Sunday. This was a very good match, that saw Benjamin go over when Charlie Haas interfered and kicked Chavo in the head allowing Shelton to reverse the rollup and pin Guerrero with a combination of hooked tights and grabbing the ropes. Los Guerrero's get their "heat" back by beating down Team Angle after the match.

Big Show Vs. Tajiri; standard big man squash here, predictable ending comes when Mysterio distracts Show giving Tajiri the countout win. Unfortunately Vince will never allow Mysterio to go over at The pay-per-view, and the fact that Big Show is Tall and "Big" will carry him through the remaining 5 years of his contract. Vince, Im sorry but Andre sucked in the ring,... there I said it.; Let us all move on now.

The camera pans on Stephanies ass (also known as the Triple H docking bay) She turns around and cuts an "I love America" promo, all the while pointing to the U.S.'s second largest Mountain Chain. "I'm proud to be American" she says still pointing at her rack, (If thats what America is all about then I'm trading in my Canadian citizenship right now,... make room for Daddy!) This segways into another Mr. America vignette cough*HOGAN*cough as they show clips of famous Americans; In a related note: Apparently when Bush's picture is shown, the live crowd booed their asses off, however through the miracle of taped production, the televised audience heard nothing. God Bless America!

Main Event Time; Brock Lesnar Vs. A-Train; Cena comes out and sits at the commentators table (You don't think he'll ...nah) A-train and Lesnar have a very decent "big man" match proving that A-Train has some potential in that hairy frame, and since his match with Kurt, Brock seems to be wrestling a whole lot more crisp. The match ends via disqualification when John Cena attacks Lesnar (no way?!) and lays him out with a Chain, a Belt shot and a DVD (not to be confused with the popular Home Entetainment medium) setting up the belief that Cena has a chance to defeat Lesnar this Sunday.

I was not disgusted with this show. Perhaps I've been numbed by the weeks and weeks of continuous shit, because if all you get is crap then the mediocre seems "Awesome". There were a whole lot less badly acted vignettes this week, although thats like saying you have alot less dirreah than you've had before. ..... oh well, I'm Cynical. sue me.

Highlight: Im probably in the minority here, But I liked Lesnar and Train. I got more than what I expected here. It was a physical match, its no Angle-Benoit, but they did what they were capable of.

Lowlight: The Sable/Torrie stuff; I don't mean to piss on this every week but Its not going anywhere. Yay!, they'll "wrestle" but it'll suck and it'll Draw nothing. Right now Kidman & Marc Mero are sitting on a porch drinking lemonade telling stories of great matches before they traded in their genitals for wedding bands.