RAW RANTS May 2003




RAW Report (05/05/03)

The show opens up with new Co-General Manager, Steve Austin coming to the ring, carrying a mysterious metal briefcase. (It is not known if this the ubiquitous King of the Ring 1999 briefcase that disappeared and was never heard from again) Stone Cold announces that he has re-instated the Intercontinental Title and that a Battle royal would take place featuring Raw's former IC champs. Thats about 6-8 guys of wrasslin fury! Anyway The IC belt is back and HHH can't wait to challenge the winner and unify it with the World Title...hey wait.

Eric Bischoff and Chief Morley come out and Austin & Da Bisch get into an entertaining argument. Austin re-hires JR. and Bischoff fires him and this goes on until Austin decides that Ross' fate should be decided in a match (like they do in all corporations) Eric states that Linda McMahon had decreed that Austin & Bishoff cannot have a physical altercation, so it ends up being Morley against Jerry The King Lawler;

Chief Morley Vs. Jerry Lawler; Jerry apparently channels a 1980's Memphis crowd as the Halifax fans were hot for the King. Decent match ensues with Jim Ross getting involved and assisting the King by pushing Morley off the top rope as he was about to hit a "Money Shot", Lawler hits the 2nd rope fistdrop o'death for the win.

Bischoff argues with Morley over the loss and Austin calls Johnathan Coachman to the ring and says that there only room for 2 announcers and Austin is apparently a "playa hater" as he stuns Coachman. Rednecks assaulting black people on National TV without provication would be controversial if Coach was black.

Backstage: Bischoff fires Morley and Austin overhears and agrees and Morley is off to Smackdown where he'll likely accomplish very little aswell. Maybe he and Kanyon can get a cup of joe together and compare notes.

Kane & RVD Vs. Scott Steiner & Test; Tagteam titles at stake as RVD starts with Steiner as we explore the age old issue of Recreational drugs Vs. Body enhancing variety; Steiner nearly kills RVD with a powerslam but both teams manage to click a little better as they go along. Bottom line here is miscommunication has Test hitting his "Boooooot!!" on Scotty by accident and Grassfire finishes with the Chokeslam/frog splash combo allowing Kane to cover Test for the win.

Nash is shown walking in the back, as I'm disturbed by the enthusiasm shown by JR as he calls Nash "Big Sexy!"

Chris Jericho comes out for his "Highlight Reel" to a monster pop. Y2J cuts down Roddy Piper again and announces that Kevin Nash is his guest. Nash comes out and the crowd absolutely shits on him as he attacks Y2J. HHH comes out and he and Nash proceed to have one of the most heatless boring brawls in memory, ( 2nd only to APA Vs. Viscera & Mideon in 1999) This segment is as slow as "Big Kev's" lateral movement. HHH Blades and Nash is blown up after throwing some forearms.....And this shit is going to Main Event Judgment Day? Heaven help us if Nash goes over, cause I don't want to see a drawn out program between these two kliq buddies. The "brawl" ends up outside as HHH steals someones car, but I expect no problem to come from this as its apparently perfectly legal to commit Grand theft auto in Halifax because standard means of travel are done by balsawood schooner anyway. For the record, That anonymous driver sure knew how to Fall! he should become an independant wrestler!

Nash defeating Jericho is made for next week on RAW by Stonecold;

Booker T. Vs. Lance Storm; This was the most bizarre moment of the night as the super popular Booker T. was forced to be heel against a hammy "face" Lance Storm?! -who was vigorously waving a Canadian Flag. If they wanted to have Lance over as a face they should've booked him against a heel like Steven Richards or someone. Booker wins a good short match with an axe kick. Further confusing fans afterward Booker celebrates with a Spinarooni;

La Resistance Vs. Tommy Dreamer & Spike Dudley; The beret wearing duo had hit on Stacy earlier so expect a Test & Steiner run in afterward. Dead crowd in this one which was strange because they had been animated for everytrhing else. Sylvian Grenier pins Spike after he and Dupree double spinebuster the diminutive Dudley. Test & Steiner do run in and no one cares......Booooot!

Christian cuts a promo on how he'll defeat Goldberg tonight.

Trish Stratus Vs. Jazz; Return match for the Women's prop. I'm souring on these matches albeit effort by the ladies. If you've seen one Raw women's match you've seen them all. by the way Jazz utilizes Victoria distraction to allow Jazz to win after a belt shot behind the refs back. teddy long in his in an adult sized suit along with "Mr. Jazz" Rodney Mack celebrate their victory afterward.

Goldberg Vs. Christian; Bait and switch here as 3 Minute warning play the WCW versions of Glacier, Rick Fuller & Roadblock as Goldberg oblitterates the three in short order as he crushes Rico with a Jackhammer. The Spear although was mysteriously absent from the equation.

Austin comes to the ring for his "beer bash" and he and Goldberg have a face to face confrontation that ends with Stone Cold giving Whoopi a match with Christian in a Steelcage next week and the two baldheads come together to share a few (dozen) beers as about 50 nameless faces celebrate with the tandem.


The show was lacking anything really solid in the ring but nothing really stunk either. (aside from HHH/Nash snorefest) There was also a couple of markout moments as Austin appeases the internet nerds by bringing back the IC strap and the Goldberg/Austin face to face had dream match enthusiasts creaming in their pants.

Highlight: The Austin Bischoff segment. I was thoroughly entertained by their back and forth banter and the segment in my opinion perfectly setup Austin's character as a foil to the smarmy Bischoff.

Lowlight:HHH & Nash's Brawl; Nash who looked atrocious got boo'd out of the building. He could do nothing to get over, and the slowmotion brawl did nothing to enhance the "excitement" of their Main Event feud, infact it convinced me that the impending match's chasm of workrate is seemingly bottomless. Note to HHH: If your going to keep yourself on top, atleast pick some guys who can work.


RAW Report (05/12/03)

Show opens with Christian in the steel cage, he says that he shouldn't have to face Goldberg and he adds himself to the Intercontinental Battle Royal. Co-Gm Steve Austin comes out, followed by RVD who says he's entered the IC Battle royal too, Kane follows suit with a simular plite. "Easy E" comes to the ring and reminds us that he had promised to raise the bar tonight, and by raising the bar he meant apparently introducing the world to the fathers of The Road Warriors, competing on their sons behalf for RVD & Kanes belts. Wow way to raise that bar Eric, man.. how can Austin ever top this!?

RVD & Kane Vs. LOD; I'm not going to crucify The Road Warriors here because honestly they worked as hard as their bodies would allow and in Hogan terms they were a 9.8 Hulkster.... RVD 'kicked" alot...No Shit? and Kane delivered his usual offense: you know clotheslines o'plenty sprinkled with the hint of a phantom big boot. Maybe I was high, but I almost got a perverse enjoyment out of this one. The match ends when LOD attempt the Dooms Day Device on RVD but Hawk misses and Kane chokeslams Hawk allowing RVD to hit the 5-Star for the win.

Trish is confronted by Victoria & Steven Richards backstage in the bad acting portion of the show. Apparently there is going to be a "Hardcore" Women's match tonight.By the way have you ever seen the match where Trish & Victoria used a trash can lid as the only Hardcore weapon?

They recap the worst brawl in History between Nash & HHH, its shortened for the viewing audiences sanity thank goodness. Two observations here: 1) On tape playback the reaction to this brawl sounds a little different then it did last week, I thought I heard some ooohs and awes, Maybe this was a Smackdown production? 2) The best selling in this "brawl" came from the guy thrown from his SUV by Trip's.... Man this PPV Match has "car wreck" written all over it and the scary part is Nash is your next Champion.

HHH & Jericho have a confrontation backstage where Trip's basically says that Jericho's Title run was off of fame from him blowing his quad, to which Jericho stated that HHH's fame was do to Steph blowing him.....I wish he had said that.

Goldberg arrives in a limo when a Car sppeds by clipping the limo door attempting to mame "Da Man". Goldberg yelled Hey!!, then went inside. Goldberg's career record against Vehicles is 0-2, but we'll call this one a Draw.

Teddy Long confronts Austin backstage and asks if Rodney mack can be in the IC Title Battle Royal, but he can't cause he's not a former Champ, but apparently Booker T. is (I distinctly remember him winning a Tournament in Rio Dejenero) Booker T. the most celebrated IC champ in imaginary history now has a place in the Battle Royal. HHH is obviously throwing Booker T. some crumbs so Book doesn't have to eat at the Kliq dinner table as they all share that big gold turkey plate.

Rodney Mack against Two White Boys; This was a squash and not even a good one. I can't believe they fired D-Lo Brown for this guy. Mack wins by submission with a Cobra hold to the crowd's apathy. However in a funny note the crowd was briefly chanting "Go white boy go"...It is not known if they were chanting for Jonathan Coachman.

Classie Freddie Blassie and Eric Bischoff have "words" backstage, leading to the predictable 3 minute jobbers interaction later;

Goldberg and Austin have a face to face backstage where Austin reminds Goldberg that he too was never really hit by a car. But it is very generous for WWF to have never filed charges for all the attempted vehicular homicides in the last 4 years. God bless them.

Bischoff brings Blassie to the ring and 3 Minute Warning is about to assault the Hall of Famer when Austin intercedes and re-instates the Dudleys who have a non-match with Rosie, Jamal and Rico. Rico gets 3D'd through a table and the faces celebrate with beer. Note to Rosie & Jamal: please warn us three minutes in advance of your matches so I can change the channel.

Goldberg Vs. Christian in a Steelcage; Goldberg looked lost in there not knowing how to pace a match. They better be elevating Christian or this "push" was just for not, because if he's back to midcard tomorrow than why have Goldberg sell his offense?. Do you think Bill would've ever gotten over had Glacier taken it to him?....Anyway by the books cage match, heel tries to escape, blade job etc., Goldberg wins with a jackhammer to end this pointless feud.

Flair and Austin are talking backstage and Flair says that HHH really runs RAW, hehehe...I love when shoot comments creep their way into promos. Anyway Hurricane takes exception to Flair's bravado and Austin makes a match between the two right there as is;

Ric Flair Vs. The Hurricane; Flair blows the ass out of his pants and moons the crowd. Hurricane gets all his Hurri-spots in before Flair clips the knee and makes Helms tap to the figure four. HHH comes in and acts as Oxygen to Flair's fire as he sucks all the heat by pedigreeing Hurricane after the match. But in HHH's mind he just put Hurricane over, so really its a good thing -sarcasm note. All in all it was good to see Naitch get a win and it was an entertaining match, hilight for me personally came when Ross called Flair the greatest World Champion ever, Lawler responded by saying HHH, to which JR responded wait until he wins 16 more....Well one has to lose it to win it again...but hey don't let the facts get in the way of a good story.

Scott Steiner, Test & Goldust Vs. La Resistence & Christopher Nowinski; By the numbers six man fare here, nothing offensive at all. Is it me or is Steiner improving? ...anyway "Two guys with little balls and the one guy with an involuntary erectile problem" defeat Nowinski & Team Greenfrog after Scott Steiner pins Nowinski after a reverse DDT.

-They run down arguably the worst booked PPV in a longtime and even further bury the brandsplit by having Tazz & Michael Cole plug Smackdown's offerings as well. Nash & Show Main Eventing but no Benoit or Rhyno again? And not even Goldberg to whom Raw is supposedly being built? ...

Trish Stratus Vs. Victoria; This was Hardcore match so naturally Tommy Dreamer is in Trish's corner...Anyway the dreaded aluminum lid of death gets pulled out here and Trish also pulls a page out of Nathan Jones book and steals his patented maneuver (he's only got one, people) and misses a kick. It's funny in WWE Hardcore matches, their philosophy is if the impact is loud than it must hurt!....Anyway Trish wins with a Stratusfaction Bulldog hopefully taking off the handcuffs she and Victoria share...note to WWE: Maybe keep the handcuffs on them but apply them two my bed post instead...Im sorry.

Chris Jericho Vs. Kevin Nash; Lets see if Y2J can pull off the biggest miracle in the last 2000 years by getting a "good" match out of "Big Daddy Cool".Match progresses and by progress I mean slow, painful death, but it wasnt Jericho's fault he really tried even resorting to leaping into the Tin man's arms a few times so he could deliver his tired spots and by the way, for a minute there I thought Nash forgot how to throw a forearm......HHH gets involved for the schmazz finish and HBK does aswell as we get all 1995 on your ass. Nash powerbombs Y2J and HBK counts the "pin", and he repeats the same spot on HHH a few seconds later....Vince watching backstage having the audio down was heard in a trance saying: "Ya but he sure is Big!".......I hate the Kliq.

Highlight: There was nothing really solid in the ring tonight, with the closest thing being the Flair/Hurricane match, However I am entertained by the whole Stone Cold GM thing, I'm sure it will get old eventually but its fun right now and Austin seems to have come back to life after phoning in his promos in February and March.

Lowlight: Nash & Goldberg, A.K.A. as the not quite ready for primetime players; And they're supposed to be "name" guys?...Note to them: When a crippled Scott Steiner has a way better match than you its time to quit.


Raw Report (05/19/03)

Stone Cold opens up RAW cutting a promo on last night's Judgment Day saying that he enjoyed watching the great matches (They must have been edited off the telecast we received) Austin tells everyone that he'll expose the man who tried to run over Goldberg. He then calls HHH to the ring and interupts the Game's intro before he can spit his water (rumours persist that Trip's swallows anyway) Austin says that HHH will have to defend the Turkey plate tonight against a Former World Champion (Booker T., Steiner & Goldberg are all left off this list) HHH responds by stating that he'll face Ric Flair.

3 Minute Warning Vs. The Dudley Boyz; The same match you've seen from these four for the last six months. It runs a little long but The Dudley's get the duke with a 3D on Rosey. After the match Wolverico (just a pet name) says he's leaving 3 minute Warning (if only the WWE had the same idea);

Austin torments a hung over Eric Bischoff backstage, Austin is then confronted by Kevin Nash backstage and informs Big Kev that he's still the number 1 contender (Yay)

HHH and Ric Flair are shown backstage. Trip's tells Naitch to just lay down and he'll do the rest tonight (Funny...thats how HHH asked out Steph in the first place) anyway Flair looks hurt by the idea.

Highlight Reel is up next as Chris Jericho calls out the new Intercontinental Champion, Christian, who has a new look (picture Test dehydrated) as Christian falls victim to the Big Steph hair conspiracy club. Jericho commends Christian on his chicanery at the PPV the previous night stating he would've done the same thing. RVD comes out and cuts an awkward promo (Rob then pauses briefly to take a sizeable bite out of a roll of raw cookie dough).... Long story short, the heels attack RVD and Kane makes the save (albeit with no mention of Kane's bizarre choke slam of Rob during the ppv...chalk this one up to boys will be boys) Austin makes things official by making a Tagteam Title match (although how this punishes the heels I have no idea)

RVD & Kane Vs. Y2J & Christian; All four seemed to have an off night as they never really "clicked" although they tried hard but you know what they say, you don't win the Nobel Prize for attempted chemistry. Booker T. does the cliche' run in after Jericho & Christian are disqualified for using a Steel Chair.

HBK gives Ric Flair a pep talk backstage basically telling Flair not to laydown (and if the company tells you that you have to, pretend you hurt your knee and mail the belt to the arena) Ric Flair really sold the emotion well and his acting made me forgive the abortion like acting at the previous evenings show.

Rodney Mack Vs. Spike Dudley; This was a whiteboy challenge and it was funny seeing the reaction of the redneck crowd who likely all still had confederate flags in the windows of their rusty pickups in the parking lot. This one had more blown spots than Tammy Sytch after an all night Coke bender but the crowd got into it by the end until Mack went over with a cobra clutch with one second to spare in the time limit.

Austin tortures Bischoff some more this time with a megaphone and makes alot of noise with a trash can lid. Bisch should've been able to shake off these effects as he's spent many an evening at the Gold Club. Stone Cold brings in Moolah & Mae Young as female entertainment but Bisch takes a powder before the geriatric orgy can transpire.

La Resistance Vs. Scott Steiner & Test; Short match sees the French duo go over after a miscommunication by Test & Steiner. Grenier rolls up Test for the duke. Test & Big Poppa Pump fight over Stacy who gets fed up and walks out in a bizarre segment. (Note to Stacy: Maybe you should go for a guy who doesn't have more pimples on his back than my 14 year old cousin.)

Stone Cold interrogates Lance Storm, who admits to driving the car but doesn't give way his accomplice.

Ric Flair tells HHH that he's not laying down for Trips because his ass still hurts (wait, that was Stephanie again)

Goldberg Vs. Lance Storm: WWE finally grasps the Goldberg formula as Whoopi makes short work of Lance with a Spear & Jackhammer. Goldberg then gets Lance to tell him who put him up to the hit and run, Lance says that Jericho made him do it...How do you make someone attempt vehicular homicide? ..Maybe Chris has some pictures of Lance playing with Bruce Hart's balls in Calgary, ...hey who knows?

Chris Jericho is shown leaving the arena and admits to the attempt on Goldberg. Y2J then says he'll have Goldberg as his guest on the Highlight Reel next week.

Ric Flair Vs. HHH for the World Title; The crowd's reaction to Flair made this match seem special. In the ring it was average at best but it had that "feel" to it. Flair was atleast booked strong getting all his trademark spots in (He even finally hit that flip over the buckles spot he's missed for twenty years.) They teased Flair actually bagging the Title several times until HHH got his vanity win with a pedigree (no shit?) Kevin Nash ofcourse "walks" in at the end and totally scoops Flair's heat as we're brought crashing back to reality as we're once again reminded on the Kliqs collective booking handjob....Btw Austin makes the Bad Blood Title rematch between Trip's and Nash a Hell in the Cell match....You know what would make this match better? If you put a smaller cage inside and had the ringside area surrounded with dogs...hey wait!

-In closing: There was a serious lack of in ring action here but that's to be expected on RAW these days. The Austin/Bischoff interaction tonight was alot more coherent than last nights offering and RAW finally had an exciting Main Event, So I'll give it the ol' stamp o'approval.

Highlight: Ric Flair Vs. HHH; Flair's emotion here really made the match, he played the crowd beautifully and conveyed a real belief that he could actually take this one home...thats all you can ask from anyone in this business.

Lowlight: The Whiteboy challenge was inpeding on Trish Stratus territory atleast spot wise, and the Test/Steiner/La Resistance match was a non-match anyway so I'll shit on that.


Raw Report (05/26/03)

The Show opens with a recap of The Ric Flair /HHH match last week. Excellent video package actually does more damage to the Bad Blood PPV as Flair & Trips is far more captivating than Big Kev wanting "revenge" from his "Buddy" ever could. They should count their losses and scrap Nash Vs. HHH and go with Flair instead as not only would it be a good match (Something HHH hasn't seen during his Title run) but it has real emotion something the Robotic Nash never could achieve.

HBK comes out first, JR claims that Michael's was the first Triple Crown Champion, (in a side note Pedro Morales was heard banging his head in frustration) HBK calls out Flair and the two cut what looks to be a very genuine promo on the greatness of eachother. HHH ofcourse comes down and steals the moment but does convincingly play the heel as he antogonizes Flair. (only proving once more that Flair/HHH is a natural choice) Bischoff comes out and makes HBK vs. Flair for Bad Blood and then mysteriously makes HBK & Flair Vs. HHH in a Handi-cap match which can only mean that theres going to be a turn tonight. Ross makes his 2nd error when he claims HBK & Flair have never teamed, which did happen in 1992 several times against Bret Hart & Randy Savage.

Booker T. Vs. Test, Battle of former Tagteam partners here (remember Invasion?) Test plays "heel" and confuses the crowd who is totally flat for this one. Apparently Stacy now manages Test and Steiner seperately, in a poor mans version of the Mega-Powers angle. Test cements his "heeldom" by pulling Stacy in the way of a Booker baseball slide. Booker pins Test after a Scissors kick as Steiner rescued Stacy. Lack of heat killed this one.

Apparently Debra got her revenge as Stone Cold sports a huge blackeye backstage. Trips tries to convince Austin to overturn the decision but Stone Cold vehemently refuses. HHH says he'll find a way to win (Turn) and he always wins cough*fuckin the bosses daughter*cough;

Val "I'm really gonna stick with this character out this time" Venis Vs. Steven Richards; This is a standard Venis match. I'm more distracted by Victoria's barely there top,and put of me wishes she'd take a bump for obvious reasons. Val gets a Main Event Spinebuster and finishes with The Right wing conservative splash (AKA The Money Shot) Its kinda funny that a professed staunch conservative potrays a Porn Star, its like if you caught Trent Lott dancing in a Giant birdcage at the "Lazy Penis"- ok not everyone will understand that. moving on...

Kevin Nash cuts a really mellow promo; Either Nash's promo's are as lazy as his workrate or maybe he rifled through Van Dam's duffle bag backstage and found some things. in a related note: Nash was later seen devouring a full bag of Funions.

Christian cuts a funny promo backstage about his $700 haircut, he's wearing his Los Conquistador tights only with a big "C" sewed on them (way to get him over!) Goldust & Booker interupt and put him down. Apparently Booker is facing Christian at Bad Blood for The IC Title.

Lilian Garcia sings "America The beautiful" but is interupted by La Resistance who cuts an anti American promo. Austin comes out and stuns Dupree then sings a duet with Lilian himself before pouring beer on her chest and getting drunk. ...Senseless violence, drunkeness and sleazy beer soaked women?... sounds like Jason's Saturday night.

Christian Vs. Goldust; This is a non-title match. O.K. match sees Goldust win clean with a Powerslam (What is this the 1987 Suvivor Series?) Anyway Christian gets pinned. Way to keep the Champion strong going into what is almost sure to be a loss to Booker in Book's hometown at Bad Blood.

Rodney Mack Vs. Bubba Dudley; This was a Whiteboy Challenge, although it was hard to tell who the whiteboy was. Are there any Non-mulatto's the WWE can hire to actually make this angle work? Its hard to suspend disbelief when the guy who's supposed to be representing "Black Power" is as white as you are. Anyway Christopher Nowinski interferes (what?) and Mack wins with the not at all boring Cobra clutch. Yawn.

Flair & HHH have a backstage confrontation, further making me draw the conclusion that Nash should disappear "Mafia" style. (You won't be throwin too many "big boots" with those new shoes you got..hehe)

RVD Vs. Sylvian Grenier in a FLAG match, The "L" is optional in the case of Grenier. This match was obviously booked so RVD wouldn't have to put Grenier over all the while leading to that "exciting" Tagteam match at Bad Blood for the Titles as Team Green Frogs face "Hot Potatoes" RVD & Kane for the belts and by "exciting" I mean the exact opposite of that. Dusty finish as RVD grabs the flag but is Ko'd by Dupree who hangs it back up, the duo beats down RVD and Grenier grabs the French flag for the win... Vive la France!

Highlight Reel as Chris Jericho says some thinly veiled "shoot" comments about Goldberg before calling out the world's toughest Hebrew. Goldberg cuts an awkward promo and WWE should learn to never hand Da Man a mic again. All his credibility is lost as soon as he cuts his generic "tough guy" promo's, He comes across sounding like that guy you used to go to HighSchool with who thought he was badass. Jericho maces Whoopi in the eyes and hits his own spear to end the segment. It's really a shame the WWE doesn't make Jericho the top heel, but alas this feud will likely last one month before Chris is dropped back through the glass ceiling by HHH and relegated to the HHH charity Title (A.K.A. IC belt) .

Terri Runnels chases Jericho through the parking lot shrilling at him to answer her questions. The high pitch effect of her squaky voice almost caused my head to explode "scanners" style. Jericho leaves the arena.

HHH Vs. HBK & Flair; HBK starts so its obvious that there going to piss away Flair's face turn and realign him with Trips. Nash is shown backstage and he's clobbered by a masked man. Nash manages to bite his lip and keep from squealing like a bitch yet again proving he's "Main Event" material. Flair does indeed turn on HBK and HHH proves hes God by pinning HBK after a Pedrigree and putting himself over the two top in ring performers of the last 20 years...at the same time no less. THAT MEANS HE's THE GREATEST EVER -GET IT?!...Asshole! Nash does the brisk walk to the ring all healed from his "Chairshot". The masked man clobbers Nash in the Quad with a chair but Big Kev no sells it. ...Rehab baby, strong as spring steel!...HHH however is the mosat powerful man in the universe and his chairshot lays out Nash completely as he Flair and the masked man who is revealed as Randy Orton do a number on the Dudes with Attitudes to close the show.

Big Fat piece of Shit show overall; The masked man was no surprise as the World has been beckoning for an "Evolution" reunion...didn't you know?....As far as who the Masked man could've been: It would've sucked long term but Hall as the masked HHH ally would've atleast been a markout moment. And as for Flair, WWE ruined the only centemental Face in a longtime. A program between Flair and HHH would've been natural progression. They could even use the same angle as Flair & Vader did in 1993, that being: Can Flair win the title one last time? And if desperate they could have Flair pull out the old Retirement stip if he lost.It worked for the Floey program so why not? It would atleast be an entertaining feud. oh well let Nash and Trips have their bullshit match, it'll suck but unfortunately it'll change nothing.

Highlight: The opening video montage of Flair and HHH. It gave hope that something exciting was atleast on the horizon. but alas it was all for not, as HHH and his stunt cock plow ahead with his vanity booking.

Lowlight: The Rest; No good matches, a disappointing ending and not even anything funny to boot(not to be confused with Test's Booooot) anyway...