WWE RAW RANT: (05/02/05) By Cameron Burge
Welcome to the Raw Rant. We got a lot to cover tonight.

It’s time to see the backlash from...uh...Backlash. Batista is champ, but had to sell the Pedigree like he was hit by a Mac Truck when he kicked out of a shot from the Big Gold Belt. Hurricane and Rosey randomly ended up as tag champs and Big Vis beat down Trish. Let’s get into this.

Raw 5.02.05

We’re in Boston tonight if you care. The show opens backstage where Batista is working it on Christy. Eric runs her off and congratulates Batista on his big win. He thinks it’s a perfect night to announce the Eight-man tourney for the number one contender. He’s calling it the Gold Rush tournament. Didn’t Smackdown just do this?  This is what happens when you base the title picture around one man for too long. You don’t have a storyline reason for anyone else to challenge.

The men won’t know who they are fighting before hand. Eric gives Batista the night off, but he decides he wants to stick around have a match. He decides the opponent he wants is Eric, because Triple H got to wrestle JR. Eric screams in "B" Movie over-dramatized fashion when Batista tells him to relax, and that Bischoff is the one who needs the night off.

Theme and pyro send us to the show proper. JR and King send us to the first Gold Rush match.....enter the Christian! The Peep signs are plentiful tonight. WWE is going to have to take notice that the fans love this man soon.

His opponent is Kane. It is of note to tell you that Lita is wearing a shirt with a neckline that goes to her navel tonight and smiling evilly. Looks like she might be heel now.

Kane w/ Lita vs. Christian w/ Tyson Tomko (Gold Rush Tournament Match)

Christian trash talks Kane something fierce. They tie up and Kane chucks him through the ropes easily. Tomko and Christian regroup and Christian returns to the ring to pound on Kane, but eats a big boot and gets tossed to the floor again.

Tomko refrains from attacking Kane, when Kane turns on him, but it allows Christian to sneak in a drop toe hold to send Kane face first into the steel steps. Christian returns to the ring and distracts the ref while Tomko attacks then Christian hits a spring board cross body tot he floor while the crowd begins a "We want Matt" chant.

Christian continues to the beat down on Kane inside the ring while King makes fun of the top Lita "is almost wearing." Christian attacks with chops on the ropes and kicks in the corner before picking up a two count. Christian removes the turnbuckle cover and turns to find Kane has recovered and eats a clothesline and flapjack before being sent to the corner. Christian catches Kane with a reverse elbow and Kane goes for a chokeslam when Christian reverses into a leg-scissored sleeper hold.

Kane reverses into a side slam and goes up top but Christian distracts the ref so Tomko can push him off. Christian goes for the Unprettier, but Kane reverses, but Christian counter with a thumb to the eye. Tomko goes to the apron to help Christian chuck Kane to the outside, but Kane reverses the Irish whip and slams Christian into Tomko and hits a slam on Christian into the Chokeslam for three.
Winner: Kane

Special Match "Fact": Critics say that if Christian were to cut a rap album it would sell twice as well as John Cena’s.

Post match, Tomko gets eats a big boot and chokeslam as well.

Backstage Christian is limping away when Flair makes fun of him for rapping on him and Hunter at Backlash so he cuts his own rhyme saying Triple H will win the tourney.

Random Commercial Thought: My family says I ALREADY have a big mouth so I don’t need surgery......hey wait a minute! Also of note: A TNA commercial actually aired.

Footage airs of Hogan’s achievements with the "one more match" chant in the background. In case you didn’t know they beat Team Arab-America.

Speak of the devils, Hassan and Daivari come out. Daivari cuts an Arabic promo with Hassan praising Allah before Hassan tells us he’s still undefeated on Raw yet he’s excluded from the Gold Rush tournament just as he was excluded from Wrestlemania by prejudiced WWE(that part is true they are prejudiced). Hassan says what happened to him at Backlash was a travesty and he blames Michaels and Hogan....and the fans. He tells us there is one more person who needs to be held in account and it’s Daivari.

Hassan blames Daivari for losing. Hey, The Flying Jihad can only do so much. Hassan gives a pride obliterating bitchslap to Khosrow and when his manager tries to explain himself he receives another, and yet another. "Hogan" chants pick up while Daivari rolls around on the ground. Khosrow rolls slowly out of the ring behind Hassan and crawls to his feet before limping down the aisle in shame. Commercial time.

Random Commercial Thought: At what point in time does anyone need a customized hot rod Bus?

Back to the show where I have potato chips and you don‘t. Footage airs of Viscera annihilating Trish. Viscera gets back his full fledged, creepy intro, complete with cape. He says last night he proved just how physical he can be.......and he proved his hunger for love? THE FUCK?! He turns to Lillian....hand off my bitch man! He says he’s a big man and likes to eat spicy food...like Spicy Latinas and he wants to go South of the Border tonight. Simon Dean makes the scene. Huzzah!

He says women don’t want fat slobs like Viscera or David Wells. Heh. They want Greek gods like him. Simon accuses Vis of causing solar eclipses. He says that instead of having  a match tonight he’ll give Viscera a life time supply of the Simon System...because that’s how long it will take him to get in shape.

"Mac Daddy" Viscera AKA Count Chockula(Sean already took Blackula) vs. Simon Dean

Viscera attacks and chokes Dean out. Dean baseball slide out of an Irish Whip and attacks with some punches, but Viscera just scoop slams him and ties him up in the Tree of Woe for a crushing ram in the corner. Viscera goes for the elbow and misses allowing Simon to pick up a two count. Simon goes up top and comes off straight into a slamming shot from Viscera then eats the big splash for the three count.
Winner: Viscera

Special Match "Fact": The late Chris Candido did Simon Dean’s gimmick long before him as Skip, part of the Bodydonnas (thanks to Harry Simon for helping me remember the names).

Why are they pushing this loser? Viscera stalks Lillian at ringside and he says he just wants her and every woman in the world to know that Big Vis is back in the market....the "black" market before he literally dry humps her and leaves. I need to wash my eyes now.

King and JR run down what has happened in the Gold Rush tourney so far and tell us there are three more matches to go as we go to a Diva commercial. Why is life as a wrestling fan so scary these days?

Random Commercial Thought: The reports are in and critics agree. Triple H sucks ass as an actor.

Back to the show where the REAL star of Blade Trinity (just ask WWE), Triple H, can be found. Backstage some random Diva and Stacy are looking at Stacy’s new modeling mag and Eric looks at it with them. He walks to his office and discovers Triple H waiting there. Triple H is pissed because he’s not champ and he might not be number one contender now. He brings up the spot where he KILLED Batista with the Pedigree. Triple H demands the rematch and says Eric owes it to him. Eric says Hunter is lucky he’s even in the tournament, and until Hunter wins they are going to do things the Bischoff Way (insert joke about Eric’s wife here). Triple H throws one more little tantrum and leaves us to one of the Divas (Maria?). She’s interviewing Shelton.

Shelton is in the Gold Rush match and working it with the girl when Jericho makes the scene. Jericho says he respects Shelton for being nobody’s bitch. Shelton says that means something to him. Jericho is in the tourney too. They talk of "how peculiar" it would be to face each other tonight. Jericho says he hasn’t had a one on one title shot in three years and this may be his last shot. Shelton says he respects that and wishes him luck.

Chris Candido  memorial photograph shows before the commercial. His spirit lives on in Simon Dean.

Random Commercial Thought: I dunno. I was taking a piss. Lay off me.

Back to the show where they replay the results of Christian vs. Kane.

Shelton is ready for his gold Rush match. No heat here as everyone knows Shelton won’t make it all the way through the tourney. Enter HBK to a big pop. JR does a good job of putting over how Shelton and Michaels have never wrestled.

Shelton doesn’t look impressed with Shawn’s pre-match antics.

Shawn Michaels vs. Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin (Gold Rush Tournament Match)

The men tie up and Michaels goes for a waist lock take down, but Benjamin easily out wrestles him into a hammerlock forcing Michaels to go for the ropes. The crowd chants for Michaels while the tie up again.

Shelton gets the waist lock this time, but Michaels reverses into a hammerlock that Shelton reverses into the same, but Michaels reverses back. Shelton continues to outwrestle him to the mat and forces Michaels to get the ropes again.

Michaels hits a nice side headlock take over and holds through but Benjamin fights up with rights to the kidneys. Michaels take the champion down with a shoulderblock and Shelton hits him with several arm drag take downs forcing Michaels to go recover in his corner. JR and King continue to praise Michaels while Benjamin hits his own side headlock take down.

Michaels works up into his own side headlock and hits a shoulderblock into a unique body scissor roll up. Benjamin escapes at two and Shawn hits some knife edge when Benjamin hits a huge clothesline to send both men over the top. Benjamin channels the matrix and lands on his feet while Michaels crashes in the floor as we go to commercial.

Random Commercial Thought: I think the guy at Taco Bell puts things in my food when I’m not looking.

Back to the show, Michaels hits a back suplex off the top on Benjamin before doing his "crucified on the mat" pose. Camera goes backstage to Batista watching the match. The two men wail on each other when Benjamin hits a big Samoan drop on Michaels. Michaels and Benjamin go back to wailing on each other as Benjamin fights through and hits several clotheslines into an inverted backbreaker to wake the crowd up and pick up a two count.

Michaels chops Benjamin out and hits the flying forearm and nips up after the standing ten count, but Benjamin nips up too and hits a sunset flip for two. Michaels counter the roll, but Benjamin counter as well when Michaels escapes and take shim down. Shawn puts Shelton in the corner for some chops but ends up getting sent to the opposing corner for a stinger splash. Michaels hits a backbody drop on Benjamin and tries dome Sweet Chin Music when Benjamin ducks and connects with the Dragon Whip for a long two.

Benjamin puts Michaels up top (you idiot!) and gets knocked down for Michaels to hit the elbow. Michaels spasm around the ring bleeding from the mouth and tunes up the band. Benjamin catches the kick and delivers a huge round kick for another unbelievable two count. Benjamin goes Spiderman and leaps straight to the top turnbuckle into a flying bulldog for two again. Benjamin springboard form the apron off the top rope at Shawn again and eats the surprise Sweet Chin Music for the loss.
Winner: Shawn Michaels

Special Match "Fact": The Superkick was also Benjamin’s finisher on the Smackdown video games before he came up with the T-Bone.

Benjamin sells like he’s been shot while Shawn sells like it’s the hardest match he’s ever had and congratulates Benjamin on the ground.

We go backstage to Edge. Todd and Edge kill the suspense by revealing Edge as a Tournament contender despite already having a contract. Edge says he wants two title matches because not even Batista will survive two matches. Todd brings up the fact that if Edge goes to Smackdown his contract will be useless. Edge gets pissed and leaves when he runs into Victoria and Lita. They stare at him and he asks them what they are looking at. Victoria replies with "Absolutely nothing." as we go to commercial.

Random Commercial Thought: I didn’t know women were allowed to shirk housework yet. What’s next? Letting them vote? (Just kidding, please don’t send me hate mail).

Back to the show. Footage airs of Regal and Tajiri losing their titles in the Tag Team Turmoil match. Hurricane and Rosey hit the ring to defend their straps. Funny crowd sign calls them "Super champs." La Resistance come out next to get us started.

World Tag Team Champions Hurricane & Rosey vs. La Resistance (World Tag Team Title Match)

Rosey starts us off with Conway and slings him around easily. Conway takes to wailing on Rosey, but the big man avoids a sunset flip attempt to simply sit on Conway. The ref gets distracted so La Resistance to send Rosey to the outside and slam his head into the turnbuckle. Hurricane tries to help when he gets crushed as well. They roll Rosey back in for a two count.

Grenier tags out and Conway takes over with the mounted punching before tagging Grenier back in. King calls Rosey a walrus as Conway and Grenier continue the double teaming and hit a tandem move for two. Rosey fights out of the corner and rolls under a clothesline attempt by Grenier to tag in Hurricane who hits a neck breaker on Grenier but eats a reverse elbow from Conway.

Conway goes up top, but Hurricane catches him in the gut and hits a Hurricanrana for two. Grenier makes the break and Hurricane ends up sending Conway over the top rope holding his leg and hit a double team version of the Eye of the Hurricane move.
Winners: Hurricane and Rosey

Special Match "Fact": The Eye of the Hurricane was Hurricane’s finisher until he switched to using the Chokeslam as a cruiserweight on Smackdown.

Smackdown! Rebound: This Rebound brought to you through Drug O’ Vision a product of Eddie Guererro industries.

Commercial Time.

Random Commercial Thought: I wish i could play Unreal Tournament online, but I’m enough of a geek as it is.

Back to the show where we have to see several Diva search head shots. Edge is up for his match now.

Who will he face? Jericho? Triple H? Matt Hardy?... yeah, you wish. It’s Jericho.

Edge vs. Chris Jericho (Gold Rush Tournament Match)

The two men tie up and boy does Edge makes Jericho look like a midget or what? Jericho works the arm and pulls it into a hammerlock, but Edge counter with a side headlock that Jericho counters into an overhead wristlock. Edge grabs the hair and slams Jericho down.

Chris slaps Edge like the pimp he is and starts slamming Edge’s face into the turnbuckle by his hair. Jericho hits a chop and gets whipped into the opposing corner where he jumps to the turnbuckles, but Edge pushes him over and causes him to take a freaky bump to the floor where he works his wrist as if he strained it. Edge slams Jericho into the security wall and  slaps Jericho in the head while he’s on the ground before going for a two count.

We see Batista watching the match again while Jericho fights out of a hold, but gets cut short by a shot to the face. Edge hangs Jericho up on the middle rope and goes to do Jericho’s knee drop spot, but Jericho counter and floors him. Jericho recovers and chops at Edge and hits the flying forearm. He misses a clothesline attempt, but does the drop toe hold instead into the knee to the back spot Edge tried earlier.

Jericho hits a Hurricanrana for two and the Running Enziguiri for another two thereafter. Jericho hits a headlock takedown for two again, but gets caught with a big boot out of an Irish whip. Edge fetches the briefcase and gets on the apron where he gets caught by the Springboard drop kick and a flying cross body. Jericho exposes the security wall and slams Edge‘s head into it, but the ref chooses to allow this.

Edge hits a sunset flip on Jericho back in the ring for two before setting up for the spear while the "boring" chants starts. Jericho ducks the spear and rolls up Edge into the Walls. Edge makes the ropes and slinks out of the ring where he catches Jericho in the face with his briefcase while the ref is turned. Edge comes off the top with a missile dropkick and picks up the....two count? Ok...

Edge hits a spear and gets three this time.
Winner: Edge

Special Match "Fact": Edge always randomly carries a brick in his briefcase for special occasions.

Some shit booking there. Why eliminate Jericho already? What purpose does Edge serve in this tournament at all? Next week Shawn Michaels will face Edge. Triple H’s match is next as we go to commercial.

Random Commercial Thought: The Ultimate Double Whopper doesn’t stand a chance against the Ultimate Cheeseburger from Jack in the Box. Hit it, Meaty Cheesy Boys!

*Meaty Cheesy Boys sing*

"Cheese, meat, cheese, cheese, meat and that’s it. Baby, you know it’s hot and juicy."

Ok that joke was probably just a little weird.

Back to the show where you can be guaranteed the Meaty Cheesy Boys are not in concert.

It’s the Rock’s birthday in case you care. You know, that guy who is no longer under contract with WWE. JR claims to have spoken to Rock and he can’t wait to get back to WWE.

Chris Master’s music plays. Clap you fools! Clap, damn you! You know, I’m not sure if I’d want his money considering how it’s been in his underwear. Ew....

You know the drill. He challenges a loser to escape the MASTERfull Nelson. He says not even a woman can escape the hold (I guess he really did try it out on Edge’s ex, oh wait he meant last night). Chris says he’s upped the offer to four thousand dollars and a red sox, Kurt Schilling jersey and an autographed Tom Brady football. Chris calls out "tubby, in the Backlash shirt."

Masterlock Challenge: James AKA "Tubby"

Chris sits James in the chair gives the ref some cash before putting the MASTERfull Nelson on. Tubby passes out and the ref calls for the bell, but Chris hold the move on a little longer before letting the move off and taunting a bit.
Winner: Chris Masters

Backstage, triple H and Flair are on their way to the ring as we go to commercial.

Random Commercial Thought: You Can’t See Me is NOT the modern day White Album, that’s for damn sure.

Time for the final Gold Rush match tonight. Triple H of course comes out first as we await the (only other guy on Raw left) mystery opponent. It’s (DUH) Chris Benoit.

Triple H w/ Ric Flair vs. Chris Benoit (Gold Rush Tournament Match)

They tie up and Benoit slams Hunter into the corner to crumple him with a heavy chop to the chest. Benoit lock on a side headlock and hits a big shoulderblock, but Hunter hits a kick to the gut and attempts the Pedigree. Chris counters into a Crossface, but Triple H hits a reverse elbow to escape. Hunter gets tripped into a Sharpshooter attempt but grabs the ropes. Benoit pulls him from the ropes and slams him to the mat where he hits a snap suplex and attempts the Crossface again. Triple H runs from the ring. Triple H crushes Benoit in the ring and sends him rolling outside where he stares blankly and wide-eyed at the sky. JR goes into semi-Owen Hart mode as we go to commercial.

Random Commercial Thought: I’m kinda tired of the "Fair Enough" commercials now. they were amusing at first, but now their just sort of annoying.

Back to the match where Benoit is being manhandled by Triple H. Hunter "hits" (misses completely) a clothesline to the back of the head and picks up a two count. Triple H slams Benoit to the mat and picks up another two count. They continue to put over the possible concussion of Benoit saying paramedics saw to him during the break to decide the match could keep going. JR and King want the match stopped apparently.

Benoit fights back with some huge chops, but Hunter reverses into a sleeper hold. Benoit causes The Game to slam his own head into the turnbuckle and escapes the sleeper hold.

Viking Hunter tries his sleeper hold of doom again, but Benoit escapes and sends Hunter down to the mat before recovering and hitting a German. When attempting a second German, Triple H counter with a reverse elbow and goes for the Pedigree that Benoit reverse into two Germans. All three Germans "Heil Hitler" as Benoit goes up top and hits the Flying Headbutt apparently knocking himself out and barely covering for two.

Hunter staggers up and forgets to sell anything that’s just happened, when he charges Benoit. Benoit trips him up and locks on the Sharpshooter. Benoit attacks Flair and the ref gets between them when Hunter comes from behind and slams Benoit into the ref knocking the ref out cold allowing Flair to tackle Benoit.

The double teaming continues when Batista makes the scene and clotheslines Flair a few times. Triple H tries the Pedigree, but Batista reverses into the spine buster before telling Benoit to get up and fight. both men finally make it back up. Benoit locks the Sharpshooter on Triple H in the center of the ring while both me and Batista scream, "TAP! TAP YOU SON OF A BITCH!" (ok that second part was just me). Triple H reaches for the rope but the ref has his back to the rope as Batista pulls it away and Benoit drags Hunter back to the center of the ring where he finally TAPS!
Winner: Chris Benoit

Special Match "Fact": Viking Hunter uses sledgehammers because of his wish to be like the mighty Thor.

Huzzah! Viking Gods of Thunder be damned! Post match, Batista taunts Triple H by tapping as the show goes off the air.

Highlight of the Night: It’s a tough call, but I’ll be going with the off the charts HBK/Shelton match. I’d love to see another one between them again. The finish was a shocker and considering the crowd’s opinion the right man went over.

Lowlight o the Night: Viscera. Not so much his match as just him. Seriously. I don’t need the reincarnation of Mark Henry on my Television.

I am Sir Pimps-a-lot

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This is Cameron signing off.

WWE RAW RANT: (05/09/05) By Cameron Burge
Welcome. This is Cameron, your guide to the world of wrestling. Hop on my bus and let’s take a ride. Tonight we’ve got an interesting show. Triple H has been eliminated form the Gold Rush tournament, and unless they swerve us somehow he’s out of the title picture for a while. This leaves us with Kane, Benoit, Edge and Shawn Michaels. Who will be the new number one contender? Let’s find out.

Raw 5.09.05

Show opens with the Gold Rush recap. Of course the footage from Michaels’ and Benjamin’s match is the coolest, but Triple H tapping out is probably the most emotionally powerful.

Viking Hunter opens the show officially for us in his suit which he immediately loosens the tie on for no reason. You know because apparently losing all of your matches warrants you the opener. I’d like to know why we have to always call him the "Former" World Heavyweight Champion. We don’t call anyone else that when they come to the ring. Dumb Crowd Sign: "Batista Rocks, Triple H sucks."

There’s a "You tapped out" chant that tries to start, and Triple H gets in the face of some Jeff Foxworthy looking dude who doesn’t back down at all and just trash talks him. Even the little boy doesn’t back down from his menacing glare. That’s funny. He can’t even scare little children? Michael Jackson can even do that.

Triple H gets back in the ring and says his loss doesn’t matter. He goes on to talk about how the tournament is bogus and should be champion anyway. You know the drill here. "I’m great! blah blah blah. Everyone else sucks! Yadda yadda yadda."

Batista eventually interrupts in an all white pimp suit. Man, I love this guy’s outfits. JR has a funny line here: "He said he wanted to talk to the champion, well now he doesn’t have to shout."

It amazes me that Batista is still over with the crowd right now. Looks like the IWC may have been proven wrong about DAVE. Batista jokes about being afraid of Triple H and facing his fears. He asks Triple H to show him what there is to be afraid of. Fun Rock-esque bit of promo here, but not trying to imitate Rock. He plays the crowd with the "You tapped" chants and mocks Triple H for losing twice and not even making it through the first round of the tournament. He tells Hunter that he might just not be good enough to face him again.

Hunter strips his jacket and tie and just gets a cocky smile. Funny Crowd sign: "You tapped out......AGAIN." Hunter says that the title Batista has means nothing until he goes through him. He calls Batista’s wins flukes and claims that he still hasn’t "Gone through him." Triple H says Batista needs him because everyone is compared to him. Triple H says he defines who everyone is and who they become (this is literal of course thanks to a bit of politicking).

Triple H says it’s never gone be "screw me" it will always be "screw you" (of course the exceptions is with Steph). Hunter threatens to leave the company and to go sit on the coach in his mansion to watch Batista fail on TV "just liek everyone else. He says then everyone will come crawling back to him. Damn. It’s hard to tell where the kayfabe ends in this one. Hunter gets mad and says he’s going to follow through on his promise with a big "Screw you."

Batista accuses Trips of being a whiny kid who wants to take his ball and go home. DAVE wants to be the first to say "don’t let the door hit you on the way out" and calls Hunter a slow loser. Batista says Triple H is screwed and waves bye-bye as Hunter sulks to the back. King keeps begging for Hunter to not go, claiming that we can’t have Raw without Triple H......Just watch us.

JR pimps the Gold Rush semifinals as we go to commercials.

Random Commercial Thought: Raw Diva Search....must...find....gun.....

Back to the show where hunter is throwing a tantrum in the parking lot with Flair. Flair calls him "Franchise" several times (I thought that was Shane Douglas). Triple h tells Ric to get in the car, but he won’t leave and Hunter leaves without him.

Hassan and Daivari come out. Daivari’s got his sparkly, gold ring gear on and his is walking with his head down behind Hassan. Footage rolls of the trifecta, pride obliterating bitch slap last week. King starts to rally for Hassan a bit as Daivari takes the might. Daivari drops his accent completely and talks in plain English to apologize to Hassan for letting him down.

Daivari says he isn’t worthy of being Hassan’s friend. Daivari says to make up for it he’s challenging any superstar to a match because he beat Michaels in his first match. He continues to rant and slips into Arabic halfway through which is really funny. Chris Jericho answers the call.

This might be an interesting bout.

Khosrow Daivari w/ Muhammad Hassan vs. Chris Jericho

Daivari jumps Jericho early with several punches, but Jericho fights through and hits a shoulderblock and some chops in the corner until he misses a tackle attempt and hits the ring post. Daivari drags Jericho out of the corner and slings his shoulder into the ring post again before working on the arm with some arm drags and a pin for one.

Has uses a standing Arms bar, but Jericho gets out with knife edge chops that Daivari counter into an Arm bar takedown.  Jericho hits  Daivari coming off a top rope maneuver and follows up with a clothesline. Jericho slams Daivari by the hair to the mat and hangs him up on the ropes where Daivari begs for Hassan.

Jericho attempts the walls, but Daivari grabs the ropes. Jericho slams Daivari to the mat and goes up top only to have Daivari run at him and rack him on the top. Daivari attempts a moonsault and Jericho catches him right into the Walls for the win.
Winner: Chris Jericho

Special Match "Fact": Hulk Hogan was pissed at Daivari over their Backlash match for being too small.

Post match Hassan and Daivari double Team Jericho and put him in a camel clutch. Shelton Benjamin makes the save and the Arab-Americans retreat up the ramp as we go to commercial.

Random Commercial Thought: I want either Tobacco flavored ice cream or ice cream flavored cigarettes. I don’t really care which.

Christy is backstage flaunting her giant ass tits to Eric and wondering if she is subject to the draft. Eric says he hopes she gets drafted for disrespecting him and hopes the new Raw Diva Search winner will be more respectful. La Resistance runs her off and demands a title match. When Eric refuses to give them one they begin to feud with each other. Conway claims to have been carrying Grenier ever since they teamed up (that’s true...). Eric gives them both a singles match for tonight in which they won’t know who their opponents are.

Elsewhere Flair is talking to Trips on the phone and trying to talk him back when Christian shows up. Christian asks what got him down and says without Triple H "Who’s going to spit water all over their self tonight?"


Christian tells Flair that if he needs to suck up to someone he can always suck up to him. Flair gets pissed and Challenges Christian to a match as we go to commercial.

Random Commercial Thought: The ECW PPV commercial is low budget as hell. Glad to know WWE cares about it.

Back to the show. Flashback plays for WWE 24/7 of Lawler winning the AWA title from Curt Hennig.

La Resistance comes out with flags waving. Sylvan Grenier is wrestling first. His opponent is Viscera. Count Chockulah waddles down the ramp so we can get this started. Conway thinks it’s funny.

Sylvan Grenier vs. Viscera

Conway leaves Grenier alone as the match starts and Viscera crushes Grenier in the corner with some chops. Sylvan tries a side headlock and gets tossed across the ring for his troubles. Grenier tries a shoulderblock and just bounces off. Viscera hits a huge tilt-a-whirl side slam. Viscera MOUNTS Grenier from behind with a rear naked choke then literally humps him. No joke.

Big Vis goes for the splash, but misses. Grenier hits a huge Missile drop kick for two. Viscera hits his own dropkick and crushes Grenier with a sit-down power bomb for two.
Winner: Viscera

Special Match "Fact": As RD Reynolds pointed out over the weekend. Viscera was once a member of Men on a Mission. Otherwise known as MOM.

Post match Viscera goes to a "fan" at ringside and asks for one of his nachos. The guy says he can have one and Viscera takes the whole thing and chows down on them as he goes to Lillian. He tells her the nachos taste almost as good as she does and asks her to announce the winner again. She does and he tells her that when she says his name it turns him on. He feeds her a nacho from his mouth and makes her eat it before telling her she’s gonna love the main course and leaving.

Backstage Lita is happy that Viscera has a new victim. Kane tells her he’s been thinking about them. He says it’s been nine months since they got married and on that night she told him to rot in hell. He says that Trish Stratus is gone and soon he’ll be World Champion. She gets all whorish on him (not really stretching her acting muscles there). Kane says he always gets what he wants and Lita agrees that she does too. Uh...that was weird.

JR and King say Kane’s match is next as we go to commercial.

Random Commercial Thought: Really, I can’t find any good reason to go see Unleashed.

Back to the show. Kane makes his way out with the biggest whore in wrestling today (this claim subject to change). Benoit is his opponent.

Benoit looks tired and scared.

Chris Benoit vs. Kane/ Lita (Gold Rush Semi-final)

They tie up and Benoit gets pushed against the ropes and into the turnbuckles. Benoit chops Kane out of the corner and turns the tables. Benoit goes for the rear waist lock, but Kane fights out with reverse elbows and gets two off a scoop slam. Kane tries a big boot in the corner, but Benoit ducks making him tie his foot up in the corner to get caught by a surprising leg sweep.

Benoit tries the sharpshooter and Kane powers out. We see Batista watching the match in the back. Kane absorbs some chops and chucks Benoit to a corner to hit him with a side slam on the rebound for two. Kane hits a big clothesline in the corner on Benoit and an uppercut, but Benoit gets his foot on the rope for the pin.  Kane continues to level Benoit with rights and puts the Crippler in a neck vice.

Benoit forces his way up with elbow to the gut and scores a two count off a sunset flip. Kane counter with his own move to pick up two as well. Kane tries the neck vice again, but Benoit again fights up with elbows to the gut.  Kane hits a right to the face and sends him to the corner, but Benoit counter with a reverse elbow. Kane hits a sledgehammer blow to crumple Benoit for another two.

Benoit goes down to another stiff shot, and Kane goes up top. Kane comes off the top and Benoit counter with a beautiful drop kick to begin a standing ten count.

Both men get up and Benoit hits Kane with five consecutive German Suplexes. Benoit signals for the Headbutt, but Kane sits up so he hits a running baseball slide dropkick to knock him back down. Benoit goes up again and hits the headbutt for two.

Benoit tries the sharpshooter, but can't get it and hits a huge enziguiri instead, then sends Kane to the outside with a baseball slide. Lita tries to help Kane and gets knocked down when Benoit attacks him. Benoit goes to check on her and eats a sneak attack from behind.  Kane grabs Benoit by the throat inside and Benoit tries to reverse into the Crossface, but eats another shot to the back of the head to prevent it followed by a chokeslam for three.
Winner: Kane

Special Match "Fact": WWE telegraphed the winner of this match by only showing Kane in a backstage segment.

JR and King send us to commercial.

Random Commercial Thought: I thought about buying the Wrestlemania 21 DVD set, but then I remembered that I thought Wrestlemania 21 sucked. I’d rather just have the Ladder Match.

Back to the show. Footage shows of Christian rapping on Hunter and Flair at Backlash.

Speaking of Flair it’s time he tangled with Christian. Man, Flairs got old fat woman tits now. Christian comes out and says that Flair has become a problem so he’s got to beat Tomko first. The Crowd is pissed.

Tyson Tomko w/ Christian vs. Ric Flair

Flair chops Tomko all over the ring and gets rolled across the ring. Flair runs at Tomko only to completely mess up a spot where he gets clotheslined by falling too early. Tomko scoop slams him and chokes Flair in the corner. Flair chops Tyson down form the corner and locks on the figure four. Tomko grabs the ref and Christian gets in the ring to beat on Flair and make him release the hold. Christian doesn’t escape from the ring in time and the ref catches him. The ref ejects Captain Charisma and while his back is turned Flair low blows Tomko rolls him up for three.
Winner: Ric Flair

Special Match "Fact": Tyson Tomko hasn’t solved a problem since he beat up a cross dressing Stevie Richards.

Commercial time.

Random Commercial Thought: Actually most people don’t realize an I Quit match (like the one for JBL/Cena) doesn’t necessarily mean a submission match. The guy just has to be beaten enough to quit. At least that’s how I always learned it went.

Back to the show. They run some more pictures for the Diva Search contestants. JR recaps the Batista/Triple H incident from earlier before they run the footage. Stacey makes her way out for no apparent reason. That one gay interviewer sounds like he’d rather be jacking himself off (Frankly, so would I rather than listen to this crap). He talks to her about being on the cover of Stuff Magazine. I’ve never heard of it. They look at some pictures and it basically all leads to her getting in her underwear. Todd(oh yeah that’s his name) has to help her get the skirt off. Man he’s such a loser.

Simon Dean and Maven interrupt her striptease. Maven slaps Todd right out of the ring and Dean says that Stacy is wasting her time because the people she’s trying to please are still going to be disgusting out of shape losers at the end of the night. What they really need is the Simon System. Maven asks Simon to whip up a shake.

Maven gives Stacy a once over to tell her what she needs to work on. Maven tells her to drink the shake and she spills it on the ground and Dean gets pissed. He tells her to pick it up. They twist her arms and Hurricane makes the scene with Rosey to run them off. Stacey hugs Hurricane and raises the Tag Champions hands before they carry her on their shoulders.

We go backstage to Eric and Coach. Coach says he wanted to compliment Eric for a great show tonight. He says the ECW commercial was fantastic. Eric gets pissed about the ECW PPV. He says he doesn’t want to hear about it or get any money from it. Eric says he’s going to call his attorney and squash ECW again as we go to commercial And here we thought ECW One Night Stand would stay separate from the rest of the WWE stuff).

Random Commercial Thought: Mind Hunter looks decent. A bit of the same theme The Thing had to it.

Back to the show where Robert Conway is in the ring. He’ll be facing Shelton Benjamin.

Robert Conway vs. Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin (Non-title Match)

Conway jumps him and slams Benjamin to the ground. He crashes Benjamin to the match with a clothesline and continues to stomp on him. Conway goes for a cover. He picks up two and sends Shelton to the corner  to hit a big charging elbow and a suplex for two sets of two. Robert sues a neck vice that Benjamin powers out of with rights. Conway reverses an Irish whip but Shelton rebound with a flying clothesline picks up a two count. Robert attacks with some elbow and racks Benjamin’s midsection on the top rope.

Conway tries to take Benjamin off the apron and runs right into a big round kick to the face. Conway turns around dazed and Benjamin hits the springboard bulldog for three (It looks like he botched it and made Conway land on his arm).
Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Special Match "Fact": Shelton Benjamin is the longest reigning IC Champion since Randy Orton who in turn was the longest reigning IC champion since The Rock.

Hassan and Daivari jump Shelton on the ramp and Shelton tries to take Daivari out, but Shelton gets beaten down by Hassan form behind and choked out by some cloth.

We see some footage of Edge warming up as we go to commercial.

Random Commercial Thought: Warioware Twisted is just a bit too goofy for my tastes.

Back to the show. We have to watch the Raw debut of John Cena’s "Bad Bad Man" video. I didn’t catch it all because I got something to drink. I did notice however that Cena has the word "fuck" edited out. I wonder if he let that one into his album that is "for kids" as so many IWC guys call his raps. I’m also surprised WWE let them shoot people and put Disintegration in the video.

Maria interviews Shawn Michaels and calls him Edge. He calls her on it and says Edge could win the match. Really, I didn’t follow this one too well. We go to commercial.

Random Commercial Thought: I’m really sick of this Starburst Commercial too. I hated it the first time I thought. I often find myself changing channels just to avoid it.

Back to the show: I’ll never waste my time on a treadmill again....since I’ve never wasted my time on one to begin with. Now where did I put my cheese curls?

Back to the show. Footage plays of Michaels’ Sweet Chin Music last week. JR and King tell us next week Jericho and Benjamin will team against Hassan and Daivari and Flair will take on Christian.

Edge shows up first followed by Michaels and we take another Commercial Break.

Random Commercial Thought: I can never find the remote either, but I don’t use a tape measurer, I just keep a long stick by the couch.

Back to the show where the match has already started.

Edge vs. Shawn Michaels (Gold Rush Semi-Final)

Edge takes Michaels down and goes for the Edge-u-cator, but Michaels catapults him over the ropes. Michaels hits a springboard corkscrewing cross body from the apron.

Edge catches Michaels out of an Irish whip maneuver and looks to go for a spine but instead turns and drops him neck first on the top rope. Edge continues to keep the pressure on and the ref has to check on Michaels. Edge puts Michaels in a Sleeper hold and switches it to a rear naked Choke. Michaels breaks free and eats a big boot for his troubles. Edge picks up a two count and gets pissed.

Edge headbutts Michaels Shawn fights back with a right, but Edge thumbs him in the eyes. Edge takes Michaels down for another two and locks on another sleeper hold. Michaels fights up and Edge slams him down by the hair. Edge goes up top, but HBK racks him on the top rope. HBK meets him up top, but Edge knocks him down with some stiff shots to the nose. Edge attempts the flying Sledge hammer, but Michaels kicks him in the gut and hits a knee lift to start a standing ten count. Michaels hits some chops and the flying forearm into the nip up and the inverted atomic drop.

HBK continues the assault with rights and a back body drop. He hits a scoop slam and goes up top to hit the elbow drop. Michaels goes to the corner and tunes up the band.  Edge ducks the sweet chin music and lifts Michaels into the Electric Chair, but Michaels counter into the Victory roll for two. Edge whips Michaels into the corner hard enough to flip him upside down and picks up two of his own.

Edge sets Shawn in the corner and Michaels sends him flying to the corner where he almost crushes the ref, but stop himself. Edge has to ducks a flying clothesline by Michaels that hits the ref instead and Edge scores an Edge-u-cution DDT then sets up for the spear. Edge comes in with the spear and Michaels hits Sweet Chin Music instead, but there’s no ref. Edge grabs the briefcase while Michaels tries to revive the ref.

Edge misses with the briefcase and ends up trying to throw Michaels over the top rope. Michaels hangs on and tries for a sunset flip but while he’s trying to pull Edge down he gets smashed in the head with the briefcase for the three count.
Winner: Edge

Special Match "Fact": Edge keeps his kazoo in his briefcase as well as a fragment from his King of the Ring trophy.

Edge celebrates his win as the show goes off the air.

Highlight of the Night: Tonight’s Main Event was probably the best match on the card, but really it was a pretty even night all throughout. Not a very great ending to the match, but definitely kept Edge’s heel persona alive.

Lowlight of the Night: Tomko and Flair stunk the ring up something awful. It wasn’t even all Tomko’s fault this time. Flair just literally wasn’t doing that great.

No pimps this week unfortunately. I didn’t have time to do them. Head over to the
Main page and check everything out.

WWE RAW RANT: (05/16/05) By James Walker

Hey kids… Cameron can’t come to the phone right now, so leave your name and number at the beep and James will do the Raw Recap. That’s right folks, back up is here! Batten down the hatches, lock the children away, and pray to the lord himself, because tonight, I’m your saviour! … (Jesus Christ, can I get any more egotistical?)


Anywho, on tap for tonight… We got us Flair VS Christian, Those Damn Dirty Arabs VS Ain’t No Stopping Jericho & Shelton, and the finals of the gold Rush, which will see Kane VS Matt Hardy’s favourite wrestler, Edge. And no Triple H!


I’ve done raw before, and Smackdown, and both have been miserable… so let’s hope the 3rd time is a charm. Let’s get it on!




Men on a Magic Carpet VS The World’s 43rd Greatest Tag Team


Ok… so, are we forgetting that Daivari got bitch slapped by Hassan a few weeks back? Or was this just done to establish the fact that Hassan is the abusive, alcoholic, and angry husband in their relationship? Either way, the cute couple are wearing matching colours tonight. Shelton gets a bigger pop than I expected, but Jericho’s is still bigger. Normally, the black man has the bigger pop, but Jericho IS a HUGE rock star. Ifyaknowhatimean.


Okay, match starts off with both teams dukin’ it out, when Daivari & Hassan end up in the corner. Jericho assists Shelton with a stinger splash, and then the heels get clotheslined out of the ring. Stereo planchas... as this would be a perfect opportunity for a commercial break, but the show is only 5 minutes in. Jericho gets some love from the crowd... al be it, he had to ask a fan to give him five. Sad, really.


Anywho, Jericho rolls Daivari in, and the match is officially starting now. Hey, look at that, JR recognizes that Daivari has a first name… and actually pronounces it correctly! I guess it took him this long to get it right. Jericho dominates The Littlest Arab, and tags in Benji. Benji follows suit, until getting hit with a Jawbreaker. (JR… why the hell did you call it ‘a jawjacker like move'? You’ve been calling that move for decades. Bloody hell.) Hassan in, and he tries to dominate his friendly neighbour hood negro, but Shelton explodes out of a whip to the corner and unloads with some big rights. King mentions this Team of Benji & Jericho is ironic, because Shelton won the IC title off him in October… or what about the fact that they were feuding for a month and Benji retained the title at your last Pay-Per-View? Gah. Benji tries to get him some Daivari (Well, I would too… the little fella is pretty cute), which ends up with Hassan with the advantage. Hassan lands a back suplex into a backbreaker, which both men did a sloppy job of performing. Whoa, holy shit, a ‘Let’s go Shelton!’ chant!.. Could he possibly be getting over? Daivari in, and applies a surfboard rest hold. Shelton powers out, whips Daivari in the ropes, tries for a tilt a whirl slam, but Daivari flips over, poses, so Shelton knocks him on his ass. Heh. Hassan gets the tag, and knocks Jericho off the apron, resulting in a flustered Chris, which allows a Double suplex by Aladdin & Co.  Another surfboard hold and I start to question why these men have an infatuation with this mode of transportation… there are no oceans in Michigan and certainly not in… umm... Arabia. Yup. It’s as real as Korea.


Shelton gets in a short arm Samoan drop, and Jericho gets the hot tag. Mr. Irvine knocks Hassan down, does a Spike Dudley-esque back stomp, and knocks Hassan down again. Daivari charges, and... Umm... I think Jericho clipped him at the knee, but it looked like it was botched horribly, so it looked like Daivari tripped on his own. Either way, the crowd liked it, so I’ll ignore it ever happened. … Except when writing the show report. Jericho lands a Top Rope Cross body (Don’t see him do that too often) for a two, when Daivari stops the count. Benji takes himself and Daivari out of the ring, as Jericho gets Muhammed in the Walls. Daivari tries to come back in, but Jericho lets got of the hold and springboard drop kicks the little rascal back outside. Jericho then walks into a quick WMDDT (Which Jericho sold kinda poorly) for the 3 count.


Winners: Double, Double, Toil and Trouble. Twin towers crash, and these Arabs caused the rubble.


Post match, Jericho gets grumbly and storms up the ramp, frustrated with himself... as Shelton looks on, thinking “Whatchu talkin’ bout, Chris?”


Show thoughts: Nice little opener. The selling was a little off (Jericho recovered WAY too quickly after the WMDDT) but for the 5 or 6 minutes they got, did about as well as expected. Oh, and I still hate JR& King. Oh well.


The ECW promo airs… and I’m reminded of the fact Bisch promised to do something about ECW. Crap.


We’re back and we see Benoit talkin’ to Tajiri. Benoit mentions Paul E. phoned him, wanting him in the One Night Stand show… and Tajiri says he did as well. Benoit then says tonight, it should be Tajiri VS Benoit, ECW rules match… sounds good to me. Tajiri rambles in Japanese, but you can tell he’s giddy about the idea. Regal walks in, and Tajiri explains to him what’s going on (still in Japanese) and Regal… understands Japanese? Meh, whatever, Tajiri is hilarious here, begging for Regal to let him do the match. Regal gives him his blessing, but all I’m thinking about is the fact Regal’s Brass Knux t-shirt says ‘Been Naughty?’… Couple that with the image of a pain inflicting device and the S&M images involving Sir William aren’t pretty.


Speaking of T-Shirts, King has his own... and it’s the blandest piece of trash I’ve ever seen. I hope no one buys it. Anywho, they discuss ECW briefly, until segueing into Triple H (Wha?), and recap him leaving last week. … I sweat to god, if they show this every week until he comes back, I’m going to … complain bitterly about it.


We then come back to Bisch talking to someone in his office, when Coach runs in and tries to tell him about the ECW rules match with Benoit & Tajiri… but Bisch cuts him off saying he’s in a meeting… with Ric Flair. Flair is wearing a Triple H t-shirt, and this man cannot be more of a bitch. Bisch says Triple H can call him, not vice versa, as Flair storms out. Flair sees Batista down the hallway, and the crowd pops. Flair says everything is Batista’s fault, to which Batista says it’s not his fault, it’s not Ric’s, it’s Hunter’s. He also says it wasn’t Hunter that brought him in, it was Flair. (Hey, I like it! A memory!) Ric goes to leave, but Batista stops him… saying he’s got something to show Ric. … It better not be ‘The Demon of the Deep’… oh wait, it’s the world’s weakest, yet most hilarious ‘Woo’ ever heard. Batista thinks he’s hot shit, and Flair shows him up… and Flair kinda looks like he wants to give the big fella a hug. Flair says he’s got a match, And Batista watches him walk off... with a lovey-dovey stare in his eye. … riiight. Commercial break, to let the homo-eroticism sink in.


Show thoughts: Benoit/Tajiri could be real good, but I doubt it’ll get any time. Flair seems on tonight, and Batista is constantly proving the IWC wrong by remaining over.


Back from the break, as Flair makes his entrance. Christian follows, and I have to say, his music has grown on me.. and holy crap, he has the sweetest entrance gear, ever. I can’t even begin to describe the gigantic C on his chest showing off his mid-drift (or did I just do it?), but it’s great.


Ric Flair VS Christian (W/Smart like a Tomko Truck)


Flair gets knocked down by Christian, and the Captain mocks the strut… and I giggle. Flair gets up, and slaps him... to which Christian knocks the fuck out Old Man Flair. Typical Flair backdrop and I begin to question why EVERY wrestlers back drops Flair… I mean, I know the real reason, but… still takes the few ounces of realism out of it, y’know? Flair in the corner, leg sweep by flair, and covers Xian with his feet on the ropes, which the ref notices. Flair chops CC down, and heads up top… and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what happened next. Christian whips Flair into the corner and flair attempts the Flair flip, after a good two years of not trying it on television, and shows us WHY he doesn’t do it anymore, as he can’t make it outside... so Christian clotheslines him out. Outside, Tomko beats up Flair a little with the ref distracted, and Christian suplexes Flair back in from the apron, which gets a 2 count. Again in the corner and Flair lands some more chops… Christian stumbles out, and does the Flair flop! Heh. Knee drop, and he attempts a Figure-four, but Tomko punches Flair to ensure it doesn’t happen. Christian with a roll-up while holding the ropes, and the ref stops the count. Christian argues, while flair counts the pin, hooks the tights, and holds the ropes for the 3 count.


Winner: Ric Flair


Post Match, Tomko and Christian start to perform euthanasia (or in Flair’s case, reallyfuckingoldanasia) to which BATISTA comes out for the save. Clothesline from Washington, Spinebuster, and 2 Demon bombs later, Flair looks on kinda confused as Batista heads off, to which JR screams “Batista respects Flair!” Sooo, an obvious angle set up here, but still, it’s good.


Backstage, Lita is talkin’ to Christy, whose tits are dangerously close to her chin. Edge comes in, and Christy scatters off, and Edge has sex with Lita tells Lita to warn Kane that the beating HBK got last week was nothing to what will happen tonight. Bank on it. … Bah, we all see the set up here... god damn you, internet. Commercial!


Show thoughts: I wish Christian would have gone over in the match, but it wasn’t clean, and it set up the Love Triangle of Flair/Batista/Hunter nicely, so I’ll accept it. Oh, and the only way the Lita turn could be made any more obvious is if she Kisses Kane before their match (Walking Kiss of Death, remember? That’s right, I do!)


Back, as Christian and Tomko walk the halls, pissed about what happened, as Maria follows the pretty lights and asks them ‘After what just happened, are you hurt?’.. Ok, sue me, I like the brainless backstage interviewer gimmick, at least it’s realistic. Christian tells her to screw off, and promises this feud with Flair isn’t over. Good, let’s hope he can get a win.




Alright, all bad things about Masters aside, his entrance (and namely music) is darn cool. Tonight, he has 6 grand and a 1 way ticket to anywhere in the US... “Because, anywhere in the United States is better than Omaha, Nebraska”... ok, I liked that one. It’s worth noting that Masters has a black eye tonight. Y’ok. Anywho, the challenge goes on, with Masters abusing some kid. I start to wonder when this is going to go anywhere, when STEVIE RICHARDS RETURNS TO RAW AND BEATS THE PISS OUT OF CHRIS MASTERS! Sweet Jesus, this is awesome. The crowd pops for Stevie, and he just wails away on Masters. Stevie goes for the chair, but Masters takes a powder. Now… if they let Stevie win the rematch, I’ll never speak ill of the WWE again.


Backstage, Edge is hyping himself up for the match or something, when he turns around into a goozle. Kane goes on to say stuff, but all I look at is how Edge’s eyes are progressively bulging more and more out of their sockets. Look at em go! WHEEE!


Show thoughts: Ok, I marked out for Stevie. And while I don’t like the opponents for the Masterlock Challenge, Masters is more than passable on the mic. Oh, and I’m eating a fruit roll up. Fuck these are good.


Chris Benoit VS Tajiri, ECW Rules


I was hoping they’d announce him as ‘Yoshahiro Tajiri’, but you can’t win em all. King slags on ECW, and while the true ECW marks understand, the average viewer thinks to themselves “Now... if King says it’s crappy… this TOTALLY makes me want to order it”… bah, whatever. There’s a table set up outside, as is a trash can full of goodies. So, onward with the match!


Tie up, chops, and Tajiri is whipped into the corner… Tarantula. Ok, this match is officially going to be short. The ref forces Tajiri out of it... despite the fact that this is an ECW RULES match. Whatthehellever. Tajiri tries for a handspring back elbow, but benefit catches him in a full nelson, and the announcers TOTALLY don’t mention that he just locked him in the Masterlock. Oh wait, that’s because it’s a fucking full nelson. Gah. Benoit tries to land a Dragon suplex, but Tajiri lands on his feet, nice. Nice kick to Benoit’s sternum and Benoit is sent out of the ring… and I start to realise all over again that Tajiri is heavily under used. Tajiri attempts a baseball slide, but Benoit stops that, clubs him in the back, and lands a reverse powerbomb onto the Steel steps. Benoit looks under the ring... and finds nothing. Silly Chris. He looks on the other side, and finds a Ladder… yay! He tosses it in the ring, and Tajiri is still down from the ring step shot. Benoit tosses Tajiri on the table, and climbs in the ring to set up the ladder. He starts to climb, and we’re all think “OMIGAWD SWANDIVE HEADBUTT FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER INSIDE ON TO A TABLE ON THE OUTSIDE!”, but Coach interrupts. Tajiri is selling that ring step shot like he’s dead, by the way. Coach then introduces Bisch… who cancels the match.


Winner: No Contest


Bisch then goes to spout of stuff about squashing ECW, not sanctioning this match, and banning ECW signs & chants from the arena. He then goes on to ban all Raw Superstars from the One Night Stand show. He then goes on to say he’ll be at the One Night Stand (he must have said those three words a good 4 or  times in this one minute promo…) show to rid the world of ECW once and for all.


Show Thoughts: Ok, I’m pissed. We had a potential show stealer right there, and not only is it cut short, but now BISCHOFF is getting involved with the ECW PPV. Now… I know they’re only trying to promote it, but I swear, if Bischoff is on that PPV, I give up. No way should he even come close to it. I hope this only serves as a reason for ECW to invade Raw shortly before said Pay Per View, just for more publicity.


Back, and we’ve got a Lingerie Pillow Fight! *giggle*


Christy Hemme VS Candice Michelle


All you need to know about this match: If you can ejaculate within a minute (I’m looking at you, Sean) this is perfect. Otherwise, forget it. Hemme wins with a roll up, but no one cares.


Winner: Your sperm count


Post match.. we get BIG VIS! He’s in a pimpin’ suit too… Jeez, I wanna see Viscera VS Batista, in a coolest suit match.


Anywho, the girls run off.. except Lillian. Vis then mentions that there is him, her, and a nice plush bed. But.. one thing is missing.. food. Suddenly, I’m reminded of George trying to combine sex and smoked meats. Mabel grabs some cotton candy from a female fan... and locks lips with the girl. He then tells Lillian that he bets she wants some of his candy. Not to mention he says that it melts just like him in her sexy little mouth. … heh. Then Vis has another surprise for Lillian.. the fat man is gonna serenade her. Oh fuck yes.


Vis proceeds to go Barry White style... and surprisingly well. The fans are eating this up. Hell… I heard one guy try to start a boring chant, and another guy yell out “NO ITS NOT”. Seriously, Vis is playing this role so damn well, it’s great. Vis gives Lillian his hotel room key.. Room 469… and Lillian falls off the bed in a comedic sight. Lillian leaves the ring, as Vis just sits there, being the sexy beast he is.


Backstage with Lita, and Kane pacing back and forth. Lita doesn’t want to be out there, because Edge freaked her out. Correction, Miss Dumas.. Edge got HIS freak ON with YOU. Anyways, Kane says he’s big and tough like a lion, roar! Well, no, but I wish he did. Lita then makes out with Kane (who breathes heavily, like the creepy bastard he is), and my prediction earlier came true. Damn I’m good.


Show thoughts: Vis is fucking great. He does this so much better than Mark Henry ever did. Oh, and I could write these storylines with my eyes closed. Not that I would want to.. the writing would be all messy then.


Back, as the show the recaps of the Gold Rush tournament. No matter how many times I see it, that Superkick HBK gave Benji looks great.


We’re back stage with Chris Jericho, as Benji rolls up (it’s a figure of speech, damn it.) Shelton says it was a fluke win, and it wasn’t meant to be. He asks if Jericho is okay. Chris brushes it off, saying he has so much going on, like his radio show, the VH1 stuff, Fozzy garb, and losing a wrestling match ain’t no thang. He gives Benji a copy of his CD, and we see even further evidence of a Jericho heel turn. Either that or an explanation on to why he won’t resign a WWE contract.


Show thoughts: I hate the parts of the show without a match. Especially when there’s only one segment. Bah. Anyways, good little skit, but not worthy of a commercial break.


We’re back with the Tag Team Champs… and they bring out Stacy Keibler, looking even hotter than normal. God damn… I don’t care if you’ve gone down on David Flair & Test; at least that gives ME a chance.


Dean & Maven make their way out. I got nothing funny to say about these two, surprisingly. Oh, wait, I do, they’re going nowhere. HA HA!


The Super-Duper Heroes (w/ The Masked Vagina) VS Tough Enough Already (Tag Team Titles)


Match starts off with Rosey dominating of course, when he tags in Hurricane, whom he press slams on top of Maven for a two count. Maven whips Hurricane, who avoids Dean’s heel tactics & boots him, but Maven lands a DROPKICK (of all things!) for a quick 2 count. Dean gets tagged in, and the Princesses in Purple land a double suplex. King is trying to think of a superhero name for Stacy, and says she can be a queen! JR then redeems himself slightly, and says he’s already had enough queens. Aha. Anywho, Nova locks in a chin lock and hammerlock on the same time, as we get an ass shot of Stacy... and King steals my thoughts and says he’d submit to that. Rosey and Maven get tagged, in, and Rosey unloads. Dean comes off the top with an ‘I know I’m going to get hit here, so I won’t attempt a damn thing’, as Rosey cuts him off with a punch. Rosey rolls under a double clothesline, and Stacy does her Blockbuster Guinea Pig impression and shakes what her momma gave her, which leads a Sidewalk Slam/Eye of the Hurricane, which I’ll call the Best. Tandem Finisher. Ever, for all you Simpson geeks, for the 3 count.


Winners: Hurricane & Rosey


Smackdown Rebound airs, and we see the awesomeness that is Eddie Guerrero. I forgot how great of a heel this man was.


Show thoughts: Y’know… I kinda like Hurricane & Rosey. We all know what Shane Helms can do in the ring, and Rosey, for a big man, is darn good. If this pairing with Stacy lasts, these guys might go somewhere. Too bad it didn’t happen when, you know, they weren’t seen as jobbers.


… Randy Orton? King Poop is here! Orton, with his Chemo-like haircut makes his way to the ring to a damn good pop. It’s as if he never turned heel at all! … oh wait, he just told the fans to shut up, never mind.


Orton talks about how everyone is asking him when the draft is gonna be. Well… I don’t know if I’d ask him that. I’d be more inclined to ask, say, what he thinks of him being on the cover of an Australian Gay & Lesbian magazine. Anywho, he talks about how he can’t get drafted, because he’s injured, and how he’s sure Undertaker will pull strings to stay on Smackdown, and how he wants Batista to keep the title, because he’s coming for it. .. .To which, Vincent Kennedy McMahon decides to interrupt the proceedings.


Vince then runs Orton down harshly… dissing his clothes, his shitty hair cut, and the fact he’s lost a lot of muscle (which is true.. the guy looks no bigger than Paul London, even with a suit on.) and says if you’re under WWE contract, you can be drafted. Ok, we get it, everyone can be drafted.


Orton then gets pissed.. saying he’s the future of this company, he’ll be carrying it for the next 15 years, he’ll make Vince more money than Batista & Cena combined, so he should get some respect. He also wants to know when the draft is gonna be.


Vince replies that he should remember Vince is his boss… yup, good one Vince. Anyways, the draft will be in 3 weeks… and it’s going to last a month?! Gah. I could have handled one week, but one month? I dunno, I’m sceptical. Vince then says this could be Randy’s last night on Raw, which gives him plenty of time to get some muscle back, grow out his hair, and then slaps the guy on the shoulder to make his exit.


Show thoughts: Seeing Orton was kinda cool, and I’m glad be managed to turn the face pop into heel heat. His little rant on Vince was well done as well, but this month long draft is a little extreme. Who wants to bet people stop caring after 2 weeks? Oh, and now I’m eating some runts. I think I had too many, they’re starting to make me feel funny.


We’re back to Kane making his way down to the ring. He looks gung ho to win, and Lita looks like a ho. Ok, that was forced, but with Lita, it’s rare something is forced! (See what I did there folks? I turned a shitty joke into an acceptable joke. That’s what I like to call ‘recovery’)


Edge is on his way out, and I suddenly remember he use to have a sweet pyro. What happened to that?


Kane (w/ The tongue hungry goblin) VS Edge (w/ a briefcase) … jeez, Edge picked a shitty valet.


Early in the match, Kane is just dominating Edge, and not in the sexy way. JR says this match may not last long, so we shouldn’t go make ourselves a sandwich. WOW. That’s breaking kayfabe for ya. But… the problem with this, is we still have 15 minutes left in the show, so, I decide to disobey JR and make myself a sandwich. … ok, fine, my sandwich consisted of a chocolate chip cookie and another fruit roll up. Apparently Batista is watching on.. and I begin to wonder when the last time he had a match on Raw. I think it was VS Christian… wow. Anywho, Edge regains control with a drop toe hold into … well, it was SUPPOSED to be the turnbuckle, but it looked more like Kane hit the 4th wall. Edge hammers away on Kane, and tries to whip him across the ring, but Kane pitches him outside. There, Kane drops Edge on the guard rail. JR then gets a cheap shot in on Edge, saying he has a big mouth… wow; JR is full of them tonight. JR also mentions Edge was dumb to insult Kane’s wife tonight, but King cleverly replies that he’s also dumb enough to make it to the finals of the Gold Rush tournament, which shuts JR up. Anyways, Edge ends up stungunning Kane, which gives him control. However, said control doesn’t last long, as Kane powers out and chokes Edge in the corner. The ref breaks it up, but Kane is scary, so he runs away, while Edge gives him a good ol fashioned Greco Roman nut shot. A baseball slide dropkick later, Kane is on the outside in pain, and we’re off to commercial.


Show thoughts: I hate being a smark. But I loooooooove cookies.


We’re back, and during the break, Kane hit a Two handed chokeslam (Well, it was more like a two handed choke push, but King sells it like Shawn Michaels famed ‘Double Superkick’… aka Dropkick… from last year.) and Edge landed a dropkick to the knee, so Edge is working over the big red love machine’s leg. For some reason, Edge believes shaking your arms around increases the pressure on a leg lace lock. Sure, buddy, whatever you say. Kane then uses the rope break, and JR rightfully points out that you don’t see that too often. However, Edge chop blocks Kane out of the ring, and follows that up with a series of elbow drops to the injured knee. Kane is selling like a mad man here, it’s magical. Edge continues to work over the knee, setting up the Edgeucator, hopefully. Edge locks in another leg lace, but Kane comes up with the best counter I’ve ever seen, with repeated leg drops with the good leg. Kane gets up, and has control again with some not-so-stiff punches. Kane stops selling his knee, which infuriates me. Edge channels Simon Dean form earlier, and lands a flying no hope in hell of ever working. Kane lands a snake eyes and a clothesline. However, a big boot misses, and we get the Edgeomatic. Edge gears up for the spear… goozle! Edge grabs the ref, and then jabs Kane in those beady little eyes… Edgucation! 1…2… shoulder up! Edge gears up for another spear.. Kane dodges, but Edge avoids the ring post and reverse elbows Kane… off the ropes, seemingly going for another spear, but that’s reversed into a side slam. Kane does his creepy smile, and Edge slowly goes up. Kane attempts a tombstone, but edge lands on his feet behind, and shoves Kane into the ref… sigh. Spear! … Kane Sits up! Edge goes for his brief case, but Kane boots him. Kane goes to grab the case, but Lita grabs it first… and Kane buys it that she’ll guard it for him. Kane climbs to the top rope, and Lita passes Edge the briefcase. Lita goes to talk to Kane, which buys Edge some time. Kane leaps off, and it met with a stiff shot to the dome. Lita awakens the ref, and a 3 count later, Edge has won the Gold Rush Tournament!


Winner: Edge


Post match, Edge hoists Lita up, skank style, and the two leave the ring. On the ramp, Kane sits up… and Edge looks freaked out. But then, Lita stops him.. And the two trade uvulas, as Matt Hardy undoubtedly cries. As the show closes, JR calls Lita a Harlot. Heh.


Overall show thoughts: Pretty good showing tonight. Nothing was overly bad, and if it was going to be, it was kept short. Could have been a lot worse.


Top Three of the night:


-         Christian’s Flair strut & Flop. God damn, I love this man.

-         Orton’s interaction with Vince. Orton came off well here, despite looking like crap.



Honourable mention goes to a lack of Triple H, but he still appeared in a recap, so that’s a DQ.


Worst Three of the night:


-         The shortness of Benoit/Tajiri. That match had real potential.

-         The possibility of Bischoff being involved in the ECW PPV… no one wants that. At all.

-         I honestly can’t think of something else. Sure The masterlock stuff is lame, but it was short tonight, he’s good on the mic, and Stevie Richards returned. The Pillow fight was short enough too to not make a blip on my radar screen.

An on to the pimping!
Richard Waters and the One Man Conchairto offers up the reason to why ‘Anti-smarks’ are increasing in population at an alarming rate. The man has got a point, check it out.
Over in Just a Thought, Renee and her journalistic skills dug up the official WWE Diva Search contract… god, it’s scary. Great read.
Sean does what he does best: Self-castration. Oh, he also posted the funniest damn satire I’ve ever mastur.. err.. read… with RAW IS STARWARS.
Gonzo awoke from his GHB induced coma to deliver a Smackdown Recap like only he can do. Do the Doctor a favour, and feed his ego by reading it… then feed him some bread, the man has no strength to get it himself.
Harry Simon checks in, not only with his Impact review from the show before Hard Justice, but with the classic video review of Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake. I don’t know HOW he could possibly make fun of Brutus, the man is perfect…
And finally, I dished in my latest White Vans & Candy, when I took a look at Wrestler’s Court… and what I found was truly… well, hilarious.
Ok folks, I’m out. Cameron will be back next week, and he’s accepting cards, flowers, and chocolates in his absence. Well, he accepts those any time as well. For that matter, so does everyone else here at TWF, too. But I think I’d like the chocolates the most. Cause I’m a fatty like that.

WWE RAW RANT: (05/23/05) By Cameron Burge

Hey, hi and howdy folks. Everyone’s favorite Raw Recapper is back (and definitely not that James fellow you were all forced to endure last week.). I made up for my absence though with a little Satire piece that you can check out here. This next joke is for my good friend Josh so bear with me.

So Eric Bischoff outlawed "the letters ECW" last week....ok. Let me correct myself then: -ric Bis-hoff outla--d th- l-tt-rs --- last w--k. Isn’t that gonna make it really hard to say people’s names? Poor Edge...

Okay, enough of my rambling. On with the show.

Raw 5.23.05

Show opens with a recap of Kane getting screwed by Lita in a different manner than he was used to last week. Apparently shoving a ref with your hands lightly will knock him out, and Edge did his best impersonation of Kiss with his tongue. That’s gonna give me nightmares....

The Security comes out and lines both sides of the entrance ramp. Edge then comes out holding hands with Lita. King and Edge play up how horrible she is for backstabbing the man who electrocuted Shane McMahon's nuts and set JR on fire.

Lita cuts a horrible promo amidst some "You screwed Matt" chants and says she should be off the hook since Kane forced her into the marriage in the first place. Amazingly she recaps the entire angles without mentioning Matt Hardy even ONCE. She says Kane owes her so she used him, big deal. God....this promo sucks ass. The crowd isn’t even really caring any more. They fell asleep I think. A big "Slut chant" pops up and she states the probable fact that she’s had more action in the past few months than they have in their entire lives. She says she never loved Kane and couldn’t love anyone who was a sick, sweaty, twisted freak like Kane....wait a minute. Edge is sick, twisted and sweaty. The fuck?

WWE officially spits in Matt’s face by saying she’s been seeing Edge behind "Kane’s" back for months. She says this while looking directly into the camera just in case Matt isn’t getting the hint back home while he cuddles his Tickle Me Elmo and cries into a box of Kleenex.

Seriously though, this promo is getting more X-pac heat than Sean Waltman himself. Edge guarantees he’ll be the new champion tonight and we can bank on it....all amidst chants of "bullshit." Heh. For some reason the security is around the ring now while Edge leaves and we go to Kane in the back rocking himself back and forth in his creepy red light. Does every building have one random room in it with a red light just in case Kane shows up? JR and King pimp the Shelton/Jericho tag match as we go to commercial.

Random Commercial Thought: Could Hollywood try and come up with a movie that we haven’t already done before now? Remakes are getting old.

Back to the show where the rewards for stealing another man’s wife are bountiful. Eric backstage talking to a bald dude named "Richie". He wants a funeral set up for ECW. Shelton show sup next and Jericho is missing for their match next. Eric won’t give him another partner because he’s too busy planning the funeral and trying to figure out how to draft Cena to Raw. So he tells Shelton it’s now a handicap match. Shelton says Eric is right about one thing, John Cena should come to Raw but the only thing better would be Eric going to Smackdown.

Hassan and Daivari hit the ring and get pissed at the crowd for chanting "USA." Shelton gets a major pop.

Shelton looks back at the entranceway but no one shows so he gets in the ring.

Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin vs. Muhammad Hassan & Khosrow Daivari (Handicap Tag Match)

Shelton decks Daivari, but eats a shot form behind by Hassan. Shelton comes out of the Irish whip with a clothesline on Hassan and puts him in a side headlock. Daivari makes the blind tag and tries a capture suplex that looks a little awkward and Shelton reverses to send Daivari outside. Shelton sends Hassan out as well and puts a returning Daivari in a standing arm bar.

Daivari does a little chain wrestling and misses a clothesline that Shelton puts into a back suplex. Hassan trips Benjamin from the outside and slams his face on the edge of the mat and then on the security wall as well. Back inside Hassan uses a reverse chinlock on Shelton, but the champion fights out until Hassan slams him right back down. Daivari tags in with Hassan’s permission and tries a vertical suplex that Shelton block and reverses into a Slingshot Suplex.

Benjamin keeps Daivari down with scoop slams and clotheslines followed by a back body drop. Hassan tries to come in only to eat some right and get clotheslined over the top. Daivari gets back up and eat a press slam and high knee lift that sends him out as well. Hassan returns to the ring and crawls on the ground begging only to get stomped on in the corner while Daivari grabs the chair. The ref grabs the chair, but Daivari simply lets go causing him to fall down facing away. With the ref’s back turned, Shelton goes for the T-bone on Daivari only to get a sneak attack from Hassan with the WMDDT allowing Daivari to pick up the pin.
Winners: Hassan & Daivari

Special Match "Fact": Hassan’s names was originally supposed to be Muhammad Hassan Hussein.

Daivari and Hassan celebrate on the ramp while everyone wonders where Jericho was and we go to commercial.

Random Commercial Thought: I didn’t see them because I got some chips which completely kick Fruit Rollups’ ass.

Back to the show where Jericho is rushing in when he is confronted by the randomly placed, microphone holding Todd. Todd tells Jericho the bad news about Shelton’s match and he gets pissed saying he’ll let Eric pit him against anyone in a one on one fight tonight.

Elsewhere Christian is telling Tyson he should be on Smackdown to beef up the roster when Edge and Lita show up. Edge tells them that if they will help him beat Batista tonight he won’t need his contract anymore so Christian could have it. Christian says he gets the picture as we go to commercial....again.

Random Commercial Thought: Have you ever seen a bunch of people playing Donkey Konga before? It looks really funny. Also of note: The Honeymooners remake is fucking stupid.

Back to the show. JR pimps the main event followed by Maria’s interview with Viscera. Chris Masters makes his way to the ring. It’s clapping time. Man, that entrance is easily the best on Raw. Footage rolls of Masters breaking Richards’ face a few months back. Speak of the devil, Stevie comes out with a purpose in his stride.

Stevie Richards vs. Chris Masters

No time is wasted as Masters shoves Richards into the corner with rams to the gut and a triple backbreaker. Masters follows up with a sidewalk slam and promises to break his face again as he sets up for the double sledge and Richards drags himself up by the ropes. Richards reverses the shot with a stiff super kick and wails on Masters madly while the crowd backs him up, but Masters uses a cheap shot to turn the tide and hit a heavy blow on Richard kneecap.

Stevie rolls on the ground holding his knee and Masters sneaks up behind him to lock on the MASTERfull Nelson. Richards flails for a while until he passes out and the ref lifts his limp arm before declaring Chris the winner.
Winner: Chris Masters

Special Match "Fact": Masters has only used the running double sledge twice before this on Raw. Once against Stevie Richard and another against a former ROH champion.

Backstage Eric is talking to Todd about what Jericho said, and the match will be next. Eric also wants him to interview Kane because he’s afraid to find out how the big red machine is feeling himself. Todd doesn’t seem too thrilled with the idea as we go to commercial.

Random Commercial Thought: How fast can you spin your Gameboy like a madman? Buy Warioware Twisted! and find out.

Back to the show. Promo of nearly naked women who have entered the Diva search. I’ve seen less plastic in Lego sets.

Jericho makes his way out to atone for his sins so to speak. Footage plays of Hassan and Daivari beating Shelton earlier. They FINALLY acknowledge the release of Wrestlemania 21 for X-box now. Sylvan Grenier comes out by himself to face Jericho since La Resistance is still fighting amongst themselves.

Sylvan Grenier vs. Chris Jericho

Grenier beats on Jericho earlier and sends him outside where he lays into him further followed by some stomping back in the ring. Grenier tries to hit a clothesline in the corner only to get caught by a reverse elbow. Jericho takes out the legs and goes for the walls, but Grenier reverses into an inside cradle. Jericho kicks out at two.

Grenier keeps the pressure on with a scoop slam and a Torture Rack of all things that JR retardedly calls a Backbreaker. Jericho fights out and scores a two count with a sunset flip. Jericho hits a running enziguiri and misses the knee to the back on the middle rope, but still manages to hit a cross body followed by a moonsault that Grenier gets the knees up for a two count of his own.

Jericho hits a springboard on Grenier on the outside causing him to fall back into the ring and right into the walls of Jericho where he eagerly taps.
Winner: Jericho

Special Match "Fact": Jericho once had two people dressed in costumes form Planet of the Apes shove a pie in Stephanie McMahon’s face.

Post match Shelton walks out to the ring. Jericho fetches a microphone and stays on the outside of the ring while he says how sorry he is. He says that Shelton is a tremendous athlete, but so is Jericho, but he’s also a singer, icon and much more so he will sometimes be a little late. He says the Jericho-holics will always be on his side as he leaves.

JR and King says the ECW funeral is next and ironically it plays the Undertaker’s Funeral March music. I guess they were too cheap to make a different tune for it. Commercial time.

Random Commercial Thought: Brendon...I am your father’s uncle’s cousin’s former roommate.

Back to the show that has the same great taste with 100% less HHH. Eric is in the ring amidst the "ECW" chants shedding false tears for the fallen ECW. People could say the same crap for your punk-ass company, Eric. Bischoff gives a history of ECW but gets interrupted by "Asshole" chants and his voice actually cracks like a prepubescent kid. Ha! There’s really no point in recapping this as you can imagine what he had to say. Suffice to say he and some Raw superstars will have tickets for One Night Stand to show up and put ECW out of business and no one will stop him. Not Paul Heyman. Not Sabu. Not the Sandman. No one.


Vince McMahon who makes his usual constipated entrance. Vince says he’s here to say he differs from Eric on the ECW issue and has an interest in ECW’s well-being going on to say WWE supported ECW for years financially. He says there are a ton of ECW stars that became superstars in WWE like Foley, The Dudley Boys, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Vince accuses Eric of raping, pillaging, and robbing their locker room driving them into bankruptcy. Eric says he had no idea Vince was supporting them. Vince says Eric is a dumbass for wondering how the ECW commercials magically showed up on Raw and says, "HELL I PUT THEM THERE!" Vince then says he’ll be personally presenting the match that was cancelled last week by Eric causing a big "ECW" chant. So much for the banned letters.

Vince alludes to the fact that ECW may be resurrected by One Night Stand. He then restates that one brand of wrestling is totally dead, WCW. Eric sticks his lip out like he’s going to cry. Vince declares he’s not qualified to talk about ECW but there is someone who is...good old Paul Heyman. Has anyone else noticed how much a midget Paul is next to Eric and Vince?

Paul begins to cut the best promo all night when he laughs his ass off in Eric’s face and saying this is the first time all three of them have been in the same ring at the same time listing off all three companies with ECW getting the biggest pop. He talks about how ECW discovered guys like , Dreamer, Sandman, Foley, Sabu, the Dudley Boys, RVD, Benoit, Guererro, Tazz and Rey Mysterio. The man has this promo down so well, he actually PREDICTS the ECW chant coming and pauses accordingly for it. Vince steps in and says that he supports both Raw and ECW and says that if Eric wants to invade ECW it’s alright with him. He says if there’s one thing he loves more than a pot full of money it’s a damn good fight.

Paul says Eric is starting a fire he can’t put out and lights the wreath on fire before he leaves. I think we all need a nice refreshing commercial.

Random Commercial Thought: Captain Kirk slept with quite a few women for a fat guy.

Back to the show. The Packers are in attendance. Cross-promotion runs for Austin’s cameo in The Longest Yard. Benoit comes out and gets nailed form behind by Tajiri.

Chris Benoit vs. Tajiri (ECW Rules Match)

Tajiri takes his shinai to Benoit hard, but Benoit turns the tables and grabs it himself. Tajiri avoids the shot with some mist and finds some trash can lids outside followed by the trash cans and a sign. Benoit tosses the shinai at Tajiri who catches it only to get hit by a chop to the chest that sends him down.

Benoit sets up a trash can in the corner, but Tajiri sends him into it only to get caught by some Germans afterwards and the Crossface. Tajiri grabs the shinai (not kendo stick you fucking moron, JR!) and beats Benoit in the head with it, but Benoit grabs it and uses it to apply the Crossface with instead of his hands forcing Tajiri to tap.
Winner: Benoit

Special Match "Fact": The "kendo stick" is actually a shinai also referred to as the Singapore Cane in wrestling. Actually stabbing someone with a practice shinai is so dangerous you could break their sternum.

Post match King declares it extremely crappy wrestling as we go to commercial.

Random Commercial Thought: I’m surprised Cena’s CD is as good as it is. I guess he just told the IWC go fuck (or would it be "ruck"?) themselves.

Back to the show. Slam of the week runs of Batista saving Flair last week. Backstage Batista is getting ready when Flair comes in. Flair says he’s been wanting to say this all day long, but didn’t know how to do it (he isn’t coming out of the closet is he?). Flair says thanks and says Batista really showed the people what kind of man he is before offering his hand (not in marriage). Flair wishes him luck and leaves.

Elsewhere, Todd confronts Kane who is still rocking himself back and forth in his room. Todd stand far away and stick the microphone out after asking ho Kane feels. Kane just sniffles a bunch before finally saying his whole life has been about pain. He says he was born into it and he was born to bring it. Pain is his best and only friend, but now it’s his worst enemy. Oookaaay....

Kane says this pain hurts. He cries. Causing the crowd to actually boo him. Heh. He says he might have deserved it for all the things he’s done (no shit?!). He says he doesn’t want this pain, and scratches at himself telling them to get it off him. He says he wants to give pain rather than receive it. He says he wants to be left alone. He whispers that last part and Todd gets gone fast. That was a little creepy. I need a commercial to tide me over.

Random Commercial Thought: Boogeyman could be decent, so I guess I’ll give it a try on rental.

Back to the show. WWE Rewind is Viscera getting funky with Lillian Garcia. HE actually doesn’t sing THAT bad which kinda surprises me. Backstage Kane is wandering out the door...in his ring gear.

Maria is in the ring waiting on Viscera and Count Chocula doesn’t disappoint. King and JR reveal that Viscera is actually a combination of themselves with a ravenous appetite for groceries and women....accept his are above the age of eleven.

Maria says she has a motive for bringing Maria out here tonight and calls Lillian up to the ring. Maria says she has a theory. Her theory is that Viscera likes Lillian. Jesus Christ I hate this woman. Viscera says she’s right, but he doesn’t know if she likes him the same way. He waited all night for her to show up at his place but she didn’t (The crowd actually boos her for this). He says he has a surprise and calls for "Lights. Music...Hot dog?" Some "funkiliscious lights come up and he tells Maria to take her "sexy little ass" and get the hotdog from the guy on the front row. She does, and i realize he suspiciously looks like one of the dudes Masters beat down once.

Viscera says last week was the singing so this week it’s the dancing and gets his "groove thang" on. Lillian gets down a little too, but gets just creeped out when he shakes his ass for her and nearly disgusted when he drop drawers to reveal some ruby boxer shorts before dry humping Lillian.

Coach interrupts and says Eric has a lot to deal with already, but he doesn’t need to deal with a sexual harassment suit as well. Coach says Viscera is feeling comfortable in a town where even he is considered thin. Coach says Bischoff is ordering him to leave. Coach goes to chew Lillian’s ass, but Viscera grabs him by the throat and goes to chest slapping. for some reason the crowd is behind him big time. Viscera hits a big Samoan drop followed by some dry humping and Lillian comes up to thank him by raising his arm.

Lillian tries to leave, but Viscera grabs her by the arm for a make out session first. Whoa. I’m going to wash my eyes out. Commercial, dear God, I need a commercial.

Random Commercial Thought: I can’t wait to lose my hair so I can start wasting my money on products to make it come back.

Back to the show where if the women aren’t "gutter sluts" then they don’t have a job (just ask Molly). Edge is out for the main event with his own personal gutter slut. The crowd chants for Batista so he doesn’t disappoint and makes his way to the ring.

Edge and Lita abandon the ring while Batista runs around and shows off a bit. At one point both of them seem to be checking out his ass while he’s on the turnbuckle. Edge finally gets back in the ring so we can get started.

Batista vs. Edge w/ Lita, Christian & Tomko (World Heavyweight Championship Match)

Batista looks at Lita in disgust causing Edge to trash talk him. They tie up and go to the corner, but Edge spins it around and wails on Batista in the corner only to get floored by a big shoulderblock. Batista racks Edge and slams him into the turnbuckle. Edge gets up on the apron only to get clotheslined off and crack his face on the security wall. Christian and Tomko make their way to the ring as we go to commercial.

Random Commercial Thought: Who in the blue hell thought "Inflate the rainbow" was a good campaign line for Skittles Bubblegum?

Back to the match. Why didn’t we just take that commercial break before the match? Batista is hitting Edge in the corner with a mounted ten punch when Christian cheap shots him off. Edge slings Batista’s shoulder into the ring post and sends him to the floor. Edge comes off the apron with a shot to the back and kicks Batista around followed by slamming him face first into the stairs. Edge sends Batista back in and eats a shot to the midsection, but rakes the eyes to keep control. Edge puts Batista down for two and tries a body scissors.

King makes the obvious connection of the body scissors to the Edge/Lita relationship for us. Batista rallies and turns around in the scissors to mounted punch Edge. Christian distracts the ref so Edge can get in a cheap thumb to the eye and hit Batista with a spinning heel kick. Edge puts on a reverse chin lock.

For some reason Tomko looks constipated at ringside. Edge converts the hold to a sleeper and Batista falls to his side form the sitting position. The ref starts the arms drop count but only gets one and a half. Batista fights out but gets caught by a dropkick coming off the ropes. Edge goes up top, but gets racked and Batista climbs where he starts pounding on him before delivering a superplex to start a standing ten count.

Both men make it up and Batista crushes Edge with right hands. DAVE hits a huge clothesline in the corner and ducks Edge’s flying forearm causing him to connect with the ref. Batista hits Edge with a powerslam, but Christian and Tomko lay in the beating while Edge recovers. Flair shows up and takes down everyone single handedly until he gets caught by a spear from Edge.

Tomko and Christian beat on Flair, but Batista takes them out only to eat a spear himself. The ref drags himself over for the two count.

Edge undoes the turnbuckle while Lita distracts the ref, but Batista catches him with the spine buster. He signals the thumbs down followed by the Batista Bomb for three.
Winner: Batista

Special Match "Fact": Triple H really is Batista’s father.

Flair stares at Batista from the corner and big Dave comes over and hugs him when fucking Triple H interrupts. Damnit.

Flair falls to his knees when next to Batista and Triple H makes his way out with a sledge hammer. Edge sits slack-jawed on his knees then suddenly racks Batista from behind. Hunter slams Sledgie the Sledgehammer on the stairs before getting inside and cracking Batista with it in the face, sending him outside.

Batista blades and Triple H tears him up with a beating before ripping off his shirt and slamming him into the stairs. I’m also kinda pissed because Triple H is wearing the exact same pants as me. Hunter continues slamming Batista around and into things before rolling him into the ring to recover his hammer. Batista struggles to his feet but takes another shot to the head anyway. Flair holds Batista in the ropes for Hunter to slap him.

Triple H declares Vengeance to be Hell in a Cell and Flair dumps him on the mat to take a pedigree on the belt as the show goes off the air.

Highlight of the Night: Nothing was really great, but it was probably Shelton’s match with Team Arabia.

Lowlight of the Night: The ending of the show. That was bullshit. Triple H just bullied his way back into the title picture with no real reasoning, making the last three weeks of television utterly pointless. I’m fucking pissed.

Pimpin’ is Easy, Just Watch Me

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WWE Music in The Best of La Resistance. Check it out.

Richard tells how the IWC needs to stop supporting JBL in the
One Man Conchairto.

While we enjoyed a Hunterless RAW last week, what was going on in the Helmsley household? Only Renee knows with Just a Thought.

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TNA Impact Review.

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See you all next time....where’d I put my blow up doll.....?

WWE RAW RANT: (05/30/05) By Cameron Burge
Welcome back. I had my excursion into Smackdown! last week, but now I’m back and ready to get back to doing what I do best....recapping promos by Triple H. That’s right folks, it’s the first Triple H promo since his whole week off from Raw. Completely throwing a few week’s worth of storyline out the window, Trips has shoved himself back into the title picture with a challenge for the strap at Vengeance in HIAC, because as we all know, any wrestler can just schedule a main event match for the title at the PPV on their own power.

Well, let’s get this over with.

RAW 5.30.05

Tonight Raw is live from Calgary. Show opens with Vince’s classic sappy Memorial Day promo about the armed forces. It goes from basic memorial to 9/11 piece to Iraqi war piece and into a taps salute.

To the show proper. Theme and pyro bring us home to JR and King. JR tells us the Highlight Reel will be featuring Lita and Kane and Benoit will Face Edge in a tables match. In the ring, King kicks off Summer with a Raw diva swimsuit competition. Shit, I forgot the Vaseline.

Contestants (in order) are: Christy, Candice(GoDaddy.com ho), Maria (who earns a snarling look from Christy from some weird reason), Victoria (remember when she used to wrestle? And where’d she get the bling? Is she dating Cena now?), and Lillian Garcia (The hell?). Well with Lillian on her way we all know a certain chocolate behemoth won’t be far behind. She’s got some awesome theme music though.

Diva Swimsuit Competition

King says he’s been waiting six years to tell Lillian to drop her towel and she goes to do so, Viscera shows up. King introduces the big man as he waddles out in his pimp suit. King says the divas must refrain from getting it on with Big Vis despite his magnetism and charisma (uh....). King invites Viscera to help him judge and Mabel says he’d like to, but he says just the thought of Lillian in her swimsuit outfit gets him hot....so he commences to do the grind dance before going King Kong and carrying her away.

King tells them to have a good time while the Kong wannabe makes off with his prize. Now that all that is over with, the order is as follows: Victoria, Maria, Candice, Christy. Actually this whole bit is kind of like the Diva Search come early. King ogles for a bit before selecting Christy as the winner.
Winner: Who cares? We all had fun.

Special Match "Fact": Victoria’s hair is about twice as thick as it used to be during her initial heel run.

Post competition, The three Diva Search contestants celebrate when Victoria whoops all their asses and kicks Christy on the ground before choking her out. King tries to drag her away, but gets tossed aside on his first try and a low blow on his second attempt. Victoria hits the hottest looking Widow’s Peak you’ll ever see on Christy as the crowd isn’t sure whether to cheer or boo her and we go to commercial.

Random Commercial Thought: Who the hell cares about the NBA rookies so much they need their own show?

Back to the show. Replay footage of Christy getting her whoring ass handed to her by the best psycho chick to ever grace the wrestling scene. The world’s queerest interviewer is asking her why she beat Christy down. Victoria says she’s pissed about why Christy gets all the attention, like a match at Wrestlemania 21 and a Playboy issue. She wanted it all (I wouldn’t mind seeing it "all" either).

Back to the ring where Hurricane and Rosey are coming to the ring with....Dominatrix Stacey? She’s got Tinsel for clothing, for Christ’s sake. The challengers are the Heartthrobs.

They do a goofy dance down the aisle as we see footage of the Heartthrobs winning a Texas Tornado Tag against Regal and Tajiri to get the shot. Stacey seems disgusted by their dancing.

World Tag Team Champions Hurricane & Rosey w/ Super Stacey vs. The Heartthrobs (World Tag Team Title Match)

Rosey lets Stacey out of the ring and gets knocked outside by a cheap shot from the Heartthrobs, but Hurricane sends Romeo outside.

Hurricane hits a leg lariat for two on Antonio and counter a corner charge with an uppercut, but when he tries to go up top, Antonio sends him off the apron to be attacked by Romeo. Back inside, Antonio hits a neck breaker on Hurricane for two before slamming his head hard into the corner and tagging in Romeo.

Romeo  keeps the pressure on with shots to the back and a  ram back to the corner before tagging in Antonio who hits a few shots and tags right back out amidst "Stacey’s Hot" chants. Romeo avoids an attack from Hurricane and tags Antonio back in who takes the hero down for two before tagging back out.

Romeo puts a chin lock on Hurricane, but Helms fights out only to eat a series of heavy rights. Hurricane rallies and tries to fight off both men when Romeo cuts him off with a kick to the gut. Romeo sends Hurricane to the corner and goes to whips his partner into him, but Hurricane jumps over it to slam Antonio into the corner and come off the top on Romeo. Rosey tags in and cleans house.

He double stacks the Heartthrobs in the corner and crushes one, but Antonio escapes only to eat a body slam. Rosey tags in Hurricane and lifts him on his shoulders for the Superhero Splash and the win.
Winners: Hurricane & Rosey

Special Match "Fact": Christy Hemme once wore a skirt made of tinsel to the ring as well.

Stacey joins the heroes in the ring and they carry her around in celebration. Backstage, Batista is on his way to the ring as we go to commercial.

Random Commercial Thought: Sometimes I desperately wish Spike would get some new commercials.

Back to the show. Another promo for the Diva search which somehow becomes a commercial bit for Audioslave. JR rolls the footage of last week’s false Flair turn which shocked....nobody at all followed by the Hell in a Cell challenge. We go to Batista in Eric’s office.

Triple H apparently is doing his interview form a separate building tonight and Batista says he accepts Triple H’s challenge. They’ll sign the contract next week. Eric is interrupted by Hassan and Daivari. Hassan says he deserves the shot since he’s "undefeated" and Triple H has lost three consecutive times. Batista challenges Hassan to shut him up tonight and Eric likes the sound of that. Daivari sticks around to trash talk when Batista bitch slaps him, forcing Hassan to carry him out. Commercial time again.

Random Commercial Thought: Good Charlotte is notoriously ugly.

Back to the show. Footage rolls of Benjamin getting beat in the handicap match last week because Jericho no showed. Speaking of Benji, he’s defending his belt in a triple threat now...against La Resistance. How did they get a shot after losing all their singles matches?

Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin vs. Sylvan Grenier vs. Robert Conway (Triple Threat Intercontinental Title Match)

La Resistance argues amongst itself for a bit before charging Benji with force and laying in a real beating. The Quebecers whips Benjamin, but he counter out and takes Grenier down. Conway  hits a clothesline to allow his partner to get back up and they fight over who gets to stomp on Benjamin. Robert slams Benjamin into the corner and Grenier decides he can do it better so he does. They continue to one up each other by trying to do it harder each time.

Conway drags Benjamin to the ground and clocks him on when he tries to get up so Grenier tries to do the same, but Shelton powers out and fights off both men before knocking Grenier to the outside and hitting a backbody drop on Conway. Shelton hits a crazy backbreaker for two. Conway picks  Shelton up for a spine buster but simply holds Shelton so Grenier can hit a flying reverse bulldog through it. Conway goes for the pin, and Grenier prevents it to try and take it for himself.

La Resistance starts fighting with Conway sending Grenier outside with a clothesline and Benjamin sending him out with one of his own. Benjamin hits s springboard, split-legged dropkick to floor both men on the outside.

Conway crawls in and eats a flying reverse bulldog by Benjamin fort two when Grenier breaks it up and hits a sidewalk slam on Shelton that Conway breaks up. The tag team chops itself apart before falling into a brawl. Conway hits a neck breaker on Grenier  for two. They fights on their knees with heavy rights until they get to their feet, Conway gains the advantage in the corner and the crowd chants for Grenier. Benjamin comes out of nowhere with a stinger splash on both men. He eliminates Conway from the ring by hitting a spinning heel kick on Grenier which causes him to falls against Conway and into a T-bone.
Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Special Match "Fact": Conway’s Beard is slowly consuming his face and eating away his flesh.

Highlight Reel is next as we go to commercial.

Random Commercial Thought: You know, I don’t really need Taco Bell commercials to play in stereo for me, thanks.

Back to the show with Jericho’s Highlight Reel. Jericho "Vince Walks" to the ring in a weird T-shirt/Suit Jacket combo tonight.

Jericho welcomes us with pyro and says he almost didn’t make it on time this week again because his autograph signing line was so huge. He says he’ll be interviewing the first draft lottery pick that comes to Raw next week no matter who it is. Jericho says his guest is a monster who enjoys torturing people...but he’ll get to Lita in a second, but first, Kane.

Jericho says he didn’t take satisfaction in what happened to Kane, but he still wants to know how he feels about it. Jericho says he’s never been dumped before, so he doesn’t know how it feels. Jericho asks if Lita ever gave any indication, such as disgust in him. Then he says it must be a case of his equipment malfunctioning. He asks if maybe the Big Red Machine is suffering from premature pyro. AHAHAAAA! Jericho trash talsk Kane and tells him to go get some popcorn and rent the Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood causing the big man to turn on him.

Jericho backs off as Edge interrupts on the Titantron. Edge asks Kane how it felt to be speared last week before pulling the IWC’s own joke on them by saying he speared his wife. Uhg. They rub salt in Matt’s wounds further by even playing up the Cell phone bit. Edge says he won’t let Lita go down there, but she can tell him off from there.

Lita has officially filed for divorce. Uh...why didn’t she do that before? She lists all the things she won’t have to put up with anymore before dumping the ring amidst "You Screwed Matt chants." They flush the ring down the toilet with a lot of REALLY bad acting. It’s horrible when someone who can’t act tries to pretend like they are fake acting (try to make sense of that sentence). Lita makes out with Edge in the bathroom as Kane continues to cry in the ring like a bitch and we go to commercial.

Random Commercial Thought: Why does Boogeyman have to try and be Nightmare on Elm Street so bad, right down to the childhood nursery rhyme?

Back to the show. Footage of Benoit/Tajiri last week.

Eric makes the scene and heads directly to JR and King. He says that he’s still on his crusade against ECW. He’ll be at the PPV with his Raw superstars and he’s happy to know that Kurt Angle is with him on this. Eric says that the reason he granted the tables match tonight, despite hating ECW so much, is because he can be more ECW than ECW can ever be. Eric says Edge is a general in his anti-ECW army and is going to teach Benoit a new level of pain.

Edge gets on his way to the ring with super-whore and his briefcase for the match. Eric remains on the announce team for us. Oh God...

Benoit is still introduced from Atlanta, Georgia despite us being in Calgary tonight.

Chris Benoit vs. Edge w/ Lita (Tables Match)

Benoit and Edge have a stare off. The tie up and Edge pushes Benoit to the corner, but the tables are turned and Benoit hits several knees to the gut and rights followed by some chops. Benoit keeps Edge down with a Kitchen sink and the "We Want Tables" chants starts. Edge catches Benoit off guard and puts him in the corner, but the Wolverine fights back out and chops Edge in the corner again. Edge falls to the ground and takes some knees to the spine before rolling out to the floor where Benoit continues the beating.

Back inside, Benoit hits a nice snap suplex and slams Edge’s head into the corner and follows with more chops. Edge escapes and reverses a whip to the corner that slams Benoit hard and causes him to crumple to the mat.

Edge fetches a table, but when he stands up, Benoit hits a picture perfect Suicide Dive to start some "Holy Shit" chants as we go to commercial.

Random Commercial Thought: I should check out this new horror movie. I haven’t had a horror fix in a while.

Back to the match. Edge is rolling Benoit back inside and working the Wolverine over when Benoit suddenly unleashes on him with wild mounted punching, but edge rolls through it and hits his own. King announces an ECW magazine coming out. Benoit trips Edge up and tries to get the Sharpshooter to a huge pop (wonder why....), but Edge kicks him away.

Edge hits a huge running shoulderblock to the gut in the corner on Benoit and goes back outside to try and get his table again. Edge sets the table up on the apron and Benoit baseball slides it to knock him out cold.

Benoit sets the table up while Edge crawls to his feet and slides into the ring. Benoit drags Edge into a racks position on the bottom rope which looks REALLY painful. Benoit continues to work Edge over and goes to German Edge off the apron and through the table, but Edge uses reverse elbows to escape. Edge tries to body slam Benoit off and through the table, but Benoit flips inside the ring and tries to push Edge off. Edge holds on and tries a suplex now, but Benoit reverses and brings him inside.

Benoit puts Edge back on the apron and hits several right before taking a running shot, but Edge catches him with a straight elbow to the face to floor him. Edge goes up top, but Benoit racks him and baseballs slide him off the apron and to the floor. Benoit grabs another table from under the ring and puts it in the ring. Benoit takes his time and sets the table in the middle of the ring before dragging Edge up on the turnbuckle for a superplex when Lita runs in and drags the table away.

Benoit hits the move, but misses the table as Lita tosses the case to Edge. Benoit catches Edge with a German causing him to drop the suitcase before he takes two more. Benoit moves the table back into position and Germans Edge again before putting him on the table and slamming his head into it.

Benoit goes up top  and Lita pushes him off causing Bischoff to call out Maven and Tyson Tomko to get the drop on Benoit. Tyson holds Benoit for Maven, but Benoit breaks free and wails on them. Bischoff calls out Snitsky who hits a botched big boot to knock Benoit out cold. The anti-ECW army stalks Benoit  until Edge picks him up and delivers a power bomb through the table.
Winner: Edge

Special Match "Fact": Maven’s tag team partner, Simon Dean will be appearing as Hollywood Nova at the ECW PPV, one third of the Blue World Order.

You know...Gene always looks like he’s shitting his pants while he’s standing around. Eric takes the mic and says this is just a sample of what his crusade is gonna be like at the PPV. The heels leave Benoit in the ring for the ref to check on him as we get footage of Trips getting set up for his interview "from another building" (AKA in the a locker room backstage). Let’s take a commercial break.

Random Commercial Thought: Seed of Chucky is a prime example of a movie that should not exist.

Back to the show. JR pimps Hassan’s match with Batista before moving on to Triple H. Footage package of Triple H and Flair jumping Batista last week rolls again.

We go to Triple H and JR asks Hunter what the hell make shim think he deserves another match. Hunter tells him to shut up before cutting a typical promo that you can go back and read any one of my recaps for. He basically talks about beating DAVE. Whatever. You know, this is the easiest part to recap, since I don’t even need to tell you what he’s saying. You all know it by heart by now. HE brings up his HIAC history of course and tells how it’s going to end DAVE’s career.

Commercials everywhere, but not a thing to watch...

Random Commercial Thought: Do we really need Skittles Bubblegum?...and more importantly: Can it really make me fly?

Back to the show. Chris Masters is on his way. It’s time to clap. Funny spot has King shushing JR during Masters’ posing. A funny sign is somebody with a cardboard lock with "Master" on it and a cardboard key. Heh. Masters has upped his challenge to 10,000 dollars. He makes sure to mention it is Canadian. He decides no one in the arena can take it so he extends the challenge to anyone in the back so Val Venis makes the a show...and we get a shot of one well blessed lady at ringside making me completely forget what I was just talking about. Val does his towel toss and a big hairy dude snatches it from the ladies. Ha!

Masters says he’s a huge fan of Val and his roommate in college had every one of his movies. Masters guarantees Venis will pass out in the hold tonight and Val says that the ladies knows Val gives very "stiff" competition. He asks if Masters is "up" for the challenge before getting ready in the seat.

Masterlock Challenge: Val Venis

Masters cheap shots Venis by kicking him in the head then hitting some knee lifts and putting on the MASTERfull Nelson, but Val holds through it and drags Masters to the corner, but Masters pulls him to the ground and Val holds on until Masters gets back to his feet and forces Val to pass out.
Winner: Chris Masters

Special Match "Fact": The man who caught Val’s towel is his "biggest" fan.

Post match King says the competition from Val was stiff but came up a little short. Ok, enough penis jokes, let’s go to commercial.

Random Commercial Thought: I’m assuming the crazy looking dude in Batman Begins is supposed to be the Scarecrow.

Back to the show. It’s time to call upon the Christian Coalition because Captain Charisma is in the house. One sign declares it Peep Country in Calgary as he gets far more cheers than boos. Christian tells America to take note of how to treat a superstar like him before movie onto the draft lottery, but being forced to pause while the crowd chants his name. Christian says the Smackdown roster is missing something. They have Americans (boos), Mexicans (more boos), Japanese(less boos), Frenchman (even more boos), A Giant (mild boos), a Deadman (mixed cheers) and a lame ass rapper wannabe (big boos). Christian says Cena can’t make him say "I Quit" even if he made him listen to his lame ass CD. AHAHAAA! Christian says that Smackdown doesn’t have a Canadian that can kick everyone’s ass, and after the lottery they may be getting an injection of the three C’s (Charisma, Canada, and Christian).

Batista/Hassan is next.

Random Commercial Thought: That razor commercial reminded me. I need to shave before I grow an entire freaking forest on my face here.

Back to the show. JR pimps the contract signing next week and the Highlight Reel. Let the chanting begin, it’s Muhammad Hassan.

It’s already ten(central), so this match better be quick. Batista’s got new theme music. Wiggy.

World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Muhammad Hassan w/ Daivari(Non-title Match)

Hassan tries to jump Batista early but takes a shot himself first and gets stuck in the corner with crushing knees and rights. Batista flattens him with a shoulderblock and clotheslines Daivari on the outside. Batista gets back in and takes a DDT from Hassan. Hassan does a running big boot to the side of the head of Batista hanging off the apron and chokes big DAVE out on the ropes. Hassan hits a neck breaker and picks up two before putting Batista in a cobra clutch.

Batista works himself up and uses a one armed snap mare to takes Hassan down. Both men collide and Batista plays the dazed, and injured look. Hassan tries to take him down with a right to the head, but just gets rammed to the corner with some shoulder thrusts and eats a spine buster. Batista staggers, a bit dazed as Daivari goes up top only to get thrown off. Batista hits a crushing clothesline on Daivari and takes Hassan out in the corner before setting Daivari up for a Batista Bomb.

Khosrow tries to run, but Batista hits some knees on Daivari. Daivari tries to use the belt as a weapon, but Batista busts him wide open. The ref has to tell Batista to drop the belt and Batista starts to kick Hassan in the face over and over in the corner, choking him with the knee. The ref tries to pull him off to no avail and disqualifies him.
Winner: Hassan

Special Match "Fact": Dave’s Band-Aid covered approximately three fourths of his forehead.

Batista mauls Daivari in the ring some more. Hassan grabs a chair at rings side only to have it slammed into his face. Batista chokes Hassan out and floors him with the chair again. Some refs and trainers try to call him off as he destroys the ring steps and tosses Hassan back in. Batista picks Daivari up and KILLS Daivari dead with a power bomb. He sets up Hassan and hits a botched Batista Bomb. Batista stands over the fallen duo with his belt as we go off the air.

That was one hell of a powerful ending.

Highlight of the Night: Batista annihilation of Hassan and Daivari. It was nice to give that "animal" quality back to Dave he lost with his cool attitude. He needs this attitude to go into the HIAC believably like he could kill Triple H (and hopefully he will).

Lowlight of the Night: Bischoff’s Anti-ECW crusaders. Not only is it a stupid idea to do this, but it’s more like Eric got the B Team for this mission. What are they going to do? Job themselves out until ECW folds?

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